Impeachment Dumbed Down

Enough of you are curious about what the excrement show in Washington D.C. is to use this space to translate what is happening; not enough of you (nor America) are interested enough for us to waste valuable air time on it, so here we go:

SUMMARY: Yes, based on what we know now, President Trump will still be impeached, and no he won’t be removed from office.

WHAT HAPPENED THIS WEEK: Loyal followers know that I strive to call balls and strikes and don’t take sides. For most of the country, this week was meaningless. Those who are pro-Trump declared as big a victory as those who want him removed from office. For the very few impressionable, there were some glaring moments, but seriously…how many undecideds are even paying attention this ridiculosity?

THE HIGHLIGHTS: A bunch of ambassadors and lifelong civil servants testified that they had second hand information that Trump was more interested in Ukraine investigating Vice-President Joe Biden and his son and their connection to Ukraine than Trump was in providing aid to Ukraine as congress had dictated.

Asked point blank if any of the witnesses had first-hand knowledge or evidence of Trump committing any sort of crime, all answers were “no.”

In the midst of Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch’s testimony, Trump sent out a tweet in which, amongst other things, he questioned her competency. She described such tweets as “intimidating and devastating.” Some argue it was witness tampering, others argue she never would have known about the tweets had they not been mentioned by Congressmen while she was being questioned. Then there are the weirdos like me who wonder this…how is it that a woman hired to represent America in one of the most dangerous places on Earth intimidated and devastated by words tweeted by her former boss? Is this really the person we want bargaining for America with people like Vladimir Putin?

THE UPSHOT: absolutely nothing changed this week…if you believe Trump is a criminal, you believe it now more than ever. If you believe this is a witch hunt, you believe it now more than ever.

WHAT COULD CHANGE: There are lingering potential game changers including former Trump administration officials like former National Security Adviser John Bolton who could testify (if ordered by the court) that they have first-hand knowledge that Trump was seeking a personal favor from a foreign government in exchange for foreign aid from America. OR, he could testify that nothing of the sort ever happened.

THE OBJECTIVE OVERVIEW: This week was a loss for the Democrats; they did nothing to convince anyone on the fence of anything. Chairman Adam Schiff looks petty and small with his behavior, but in the end, does any of it matter? America is not watching nor caring. People either already know they will vote against Trump or for him and this is all just noise, noise, noise.

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