Hey Republicans; What are you afraid of?

I am a Capitalist. Years ago, that meant nothing politically. However, with the Democratic party’s apocalyptic leap to Socialism, saying you are a Capitalist now immediately defines you as a conservative and/or Republican. In my 30 years of being an adult aged voter, I have never once registered nor aligned myself with a political party and I eschew political labels. I’ve voted in 7 presidential elections; 3 times for a Democrat, 4 times for a Republican, and in 2016 I retired.

There are endless quizzes online under the search heading “Am I Liberal or Conservative?” I took 5. Three say I am conservative, two say I am liberal. gave me an 83% conservative score and labeled me “very right wing,” while called me a “left wing extremist.” Go figure. (Truth be told, it’s not hard to fathom; we’ve worked our way into dogmatic extremes in this country that simply don’t represent reality. Since I hold many allegedly “liberal” social views like legalized drugs, being pro gay marriage, strong first amendment protections to include flag burning and pornography, and being against the death penalty while also being fiscally conservative and a staunch 2nd amendment proponent, it’s no wonder I’ll be pigeonholed as one or the other depending on the theme of the quiz).

I was talking with a friend of mine who is a loud and proud conservative. He supports President Trump, but is definitely not a “Trumpster.” Many things Trump says or does bother him, but he supports most of Trump’s policies and already knows he’ll be voting for him in 2020. Invariably, if we talk politics, it always turns to who the Democrats will run against Trump in 2020 and the conversation always goes like it did this past weekend:

HIM: Man, if Elizabeth Warren gets in, that’s it. Game over; the economy will crumble, we’ll be toast in less than 5 years.

ME: So you think Warren would beat Trump?

HIM: Lots of people hate Trump; many will vote for whoever isn’t him. And people believe these Santa Claus promises she makes of free stuff for everyone

ME: So, you’re an elitist who believes the American public is too stupid to make their own decisions on who should be President? That’s a very nanny state, liberal mind set.

HIM: I didn’t say that.

ME: But you did basically say that people are ignorant and believe lies, which implies they can’t be trusted.

HIM: America can’t become a Socialist country.

ME: And you believe that’s what would happen if it was Trump versus Warren?

HIM: 50% OF Millennials favor Socialism

ME: 70% of all Americans favor Capitalism

HIM: It’s not worth the risk; I’d rather see Biden run. At least if he wins, it won’t be an immediate lurch to Socialism…it will be like Obama again, and we can weather that storm.

ME: Wait…let me get this straight. Like me, you believe that Capitalism is the greatest economic system ever invented?

HIM: Yes

ME: And you still believe in a Representative Republic in which we, the people, elect our leaders?

HIM: Of course

ME: And you agree, therefore, that we, the people should decide our economic system?

HIM: What’s your point, Rob?

ME: And you agree that most Americans still favor Capitalism?

HIM: I want to believe that, yes.

ME: Then what the hell are you afraid of? I’ve been saying for years I want Warren, or Bernie Sanders, or any of these nut jobs destroying the Democratic Party to be the nominee so that we can finally have a referendum. Let’s take Capitalism out for a spin; Trump versus Warren, Capitalism versus Socialism, Free market economy versus Government run economy. One of two things happen and they’re both good; either Capitalism wins and is given a mandate, or Socialism wins and the people have spoken that they want a new American way…and I move.

HIM: The second one can’t happen. It’s too risky.

ME: Why? Because America needs me

HIM: (laughs) you know I wasn’t referring to you leaving the country…

ME: So now we’re back to you being a Liberal elitist who doesn’t trust people to make their own decisions?

HIM: You’re annoying. I have to go.

Since I couldn’t get an answer from him, maybe you, dear reader, can help me. The logic is irrefutable so a simple explanation is all I am looking for. The Democratic Party is melting down. Similar to where the Republicans started to head in 2010 with the moronically extreme and out-of-touch “Tea Party,” movement, the Dems are imploding to the point of embracing Socialism in totem. Fine. Let them. Let’s take it out for a spin in 2020. No hiding behind “moderate” positions which are merely lies; let’s actually see a socialist proclaim they want to reshape America and let’s see if the country is so far gone that it will accept it.

Personally, I don’t think Americans will go for it. If that happens, good. It would most likely mean a total restructuring of the Democratic Party which is sorely needed, as America runs best with two strong, reasonable political parties. If the Democrats are forced back to being the Dems of JFK, who believed in a strong military, low taxes, and socially progressive ideals, the country will be better for it.

And if the opposite happens, and Americans are truly ready to try the inevitable failure of Socialism that has never worked anywhere in the long-term, then let’s know that. Problems and idiocy can’t be addressed and fixed unless they are transparently discovered. A surgeon doesn’t just cut a patient open without an X-ray. Let’s really find our what’s in America’s stomach; or maybe, in the case, soul, so that we can get to cutting.

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