Don’t Ask!

In a surprise to no one, America is becoming more and more polarized as the Coronavirus saga drags on.

Assisted by a shoot-from-the-hip President sending terribly conflicting messages, more and more Americans are questioning the legitimacy of not just various lockdown orders, but the virus itself.

As we often say, multiple things can be true at once. One belief does not contradict another. For example, you can not believe in Jesus Christ, son of God, as our savior… and yet still believe in a higher power. You can be an ardent supporter of the second amendment and still support gun control. These beliefs are not discrepancies in a moral compass. Unfortunately, we live in a country that doesn’t understand that and repeats moronic dogma like “you can’t be a Christian and support homosexuality,” and other asinine mantras.

Thus, when it comes to Coronavirus, you must pick a side, stay there, shout whatever that side is shouting, and for the love of all that is holy, absolutely do not ask any questions.

This is beyond sad and pathetic.

Here are the multiple things that are true all at once right now:

  • whether you agree with how we got here or not, Americans must self-isolate and socially distance so that we can bring as quick an end to this disaster as possible. Those with power will have it no other way.


  • The worst of all of this is yet to come, and it won’t be in the form of a million dead Americans. It will be the next great economic depression.


  • It is not only relevant, but American, to ask how and why we got here, and point out inconsistencies around the globe and relative history. The fact that you will be ridiculed, canceled, and condescended to is irrelevant.


  • “Math,” these days is nothing more than a weapon. It is used as a legitimizing term to make peoples’ assumptions seem like fact. Projections are nothing more than man-made histrionics and are, almost universally, useless. For an instruction on how scientific man-made projections, using “science” and “math” are, look no further than your local 5-day forecast.


Here are actual observations and questions that have been made and raised this weekend by normal, everyday people…with actual responses from social media:


OBSERVATION: If social-distancing is the only way to quell the spread—explain Japan…First case reported in early January. No social-distancing. No national emergency declared. Population 126 million—yet only 52 deaths. Meanwhile, Italy’s been locked for weeks & is seeing no progress.


ACTUAL RESPONSE: you’re not a doctor or scientist stop embarrassing yourself. (please note… that isn’t a response of any kind, nor is it at all relevant. Again, it’s using titles as a weapon. Only doctors and scientists are allowed to speak on this subject…and when they do, and they don’t agree with the fear-based narrative, they are canceled).


OBSERVATION: Swine Flu epidemic 2009:


61 million Americans infected.

18,000 Americans died, all ages affected similarly.

Symptoms: breathing difficulty, followed by viral or bacterial pneumonia (so yes—ventilators were needed).


No social-distancing. No fear of hospitals being overwhelmed


ACTUAL RESPONSE #1: You are doing so much harm (insert shoulder shrugging emoji here…what the hell kind of response is this)?


ACTUAL RESPONSE #2: Notice that the only states affected are Democratic led states. (Apparently this right-wing-whacko is using the same “math” the fear mongering leftists are…of the 17 most infected states as of 3/29/2020, 8 of them, including Florida, Texas, Maryland and Massachusetts are led by Republican Governors).


OBSERVATION: Someone posted the following graphic from the CDC website with the message “explain why 730,000 flu hospitalizations, plus 62,000 flu deaths and 54 MILLION positive diagnoses since October, somehow did not overwhelm our hospitals.”

ACTUAL RESPONSE: IT’S NOT THE FLU!!! (yes, it was in all caps…and yet another non-answer)


OBSERVATION: Countless people had the audacity to share, post, email, and bring attention to this article from a Pathologist (a scientist who studies the causes and effects of diseases), who questions the world’s response based on what he calls questionable math and data.


In this article, Dr. Lee writes: “It will take months, perhaps years, if ever, before we can assess the wider implications of what we are doing. The damage to children’s education, the excess suicides, the increase in mental health problems, the taking away of resources from other health problems that we were dealing with effectively. Those who need medical help now but won’t seek it, or might not be offered it. And what about the effects on food production and global commerce, that will have unquantifiable consequences for people of all ages, perhaps especially in developing economies?


Governments everywhere say they are responding to the science…But governments must remember that rushed science is almost always bad science. We have decided on policies of extraordinary magnitude without concrete evidence of excess harm already occurring, and without proper scrutiny of the science used to justify them.”


ACTUAL RESPONSE #1: Thank God he’s a retired pathologist

ACTUAL RESPONSE #2: He might be a scientist, but he’s no mathematician


As the infection rate in America holds steady at 15%, way below the hysterical 80% number we were told by the brilliant mathematicians, it is reasonable and demanded that we ask “what are we doing here?”  And as we learn that in America, like the rest of the world, we are recording deaths where there was a positive test for the virus which is a very different thing than recording the virus as the main cause of death, it is exponentially reasonable to ask “what are we doing here?”


Just last week we were told of a 17-year-old in Southern California who died of Covid-19 only to be told days later “never mind, he actually had a pre-existing disease that killed him.”


News shows across America spent Sunday highlighting the fact that a 33 year-old aid to the governor of Louisiana died from Covid-19 while leaving out that she had Down’s Syndrome, which is literally defined as “an immune system disorder”


What are we doing here?


Asking these questions gets you branded a reckless lunatic…but it also never gets you actual answers. That should not only raise an eyebrow, but it should scare the hell out of you. Stay inside, socially distance, and never stop asking how and why we got here. Those things can and do all exist simultaneously.

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