Defending Pedophiles

Provocative title, eh?

Sadly, unlike the old trick of putting “SEX,” in the subject line of an email, only to open it and find the first two words “just kidding,” my title is not misleading. Once again, I am being forced to defend scum.

Let’s start with a very clear reminder of my position on pedophiles: For two decades I have said, unequivocally, that pedophiles should be given the death penalty, and I remind you that I am against the death penalty for a variety of reasons. Overall, I would like to see our laws re-written and our courts grow a pair of testicles to allow for all crimes rising to the highest level to create punishments worse than death, such as old school chain gangs, hard labor, and sentences of never-ending work behind bars that benefits the community. Such a policy would actually be a deterrent to many who consider heinous crimes. And for those not deterred, it would mete out a punishment worthy of the crime and offer some form of justice to the victims. For pedophiles (and rapists), however, death. And a further re-writing of our laws and systems to limit appeals and expedite punishments under the “justice delayed is justice denied,” tenet. Pedophiles (and rapists) are worse than murderers. They do not end a life, they forever alter one in a way that is unfathomable, which is often times, worse than death. They are also demented human beings who do not deserve a second chance and who cannot be rehabilitated. They are the lowest form of human life and they deserve no pity, no understanding, and no second chances.

With that said, my dream is not reality. We are a nation of laws, not men, and unless and until the laws are rewritten appropriately (which they never will be), we must stop chipping away at the liberties of our worst criminals for it never stops there. In the end, we all wind up violated.

Allow me this analogy; When you hear about a bunny or a deer being hit and killed by a car, most people go “awwwwww,” and linger in sadness. But when you hear about a snake, spider, or raccoon meeting its’ demise, most people shrug and/or say “Good, I hate those things.” In both cases, a life is taken, but when the life is that of a “cute, cuddly,” animal that has a special place in our childhood fairy tale hearts, we feel sad. When the animal is creepy, who cares? Never mind that all animals have a role in nature and our ecosystem, ugly loses. Pedophiles are the snakes, spiders and raccoons of our society and no one feels bad for them. But when we start brazenly running them over in a murderous rage, it isn’t long before the bunnies and deer become as equally devalued.

It is an undeniable fact that once we create a precedent, we create a never-ending barrage of new limits to our freedom. The minute we allowed society to attack smoking under the guise of “health,” we opened pandora’s box for all behaviors, choices, and freedoms to be attacked under the same guise. Thus, we live in a world now that attempts to limit and control what and how much we eat, our consumption of soda, and whether or not we can suck our water through a plastic straw, all in the name of “the greater good.” And that’s how it always starts; we attack the most gross (smoking) and then it trickles to the most innocent (straws, balloons, contact lenses et al).

Enter pedophiles. Who’s going to defend them? I am…because it won’t stop with them

Last week, the Georgia town of Grovetown was applauded for announcing that, on Halloween, they will round up all registered sex offenders and house them in county chambers in the interest of public safety.

This is beyond deplorable and disgusting…but no one will stop and think about what is happening in the United States of America because we’re talking about pedophiles. For now. Before long, we’ll round up all DUI offenders and lock them up every Saint Patrick’s Day. Ridiculous, you say? There are already five states that have various versions of DUI registries and public shaming programs. And why not? If we force pedophiles to register and let everyone know where they live, why shouldn’t we do the same for those sickos that endanger lives by driving drunk?

And why should we stop there? In a nation fueled by fear and motivated by trying to prevent anything bad before it happens, it makes total sense to essentially pre-emptively profile everyone so that we can stop them possibly doing anything to anyone.

Get a grip. 98.6% of all children molested in America are victimized by someone they already know. It’s almost never the scary man hiding behind the tree on Halloween night. But never mind, Grovetown will imprison those dastardly sex offenders on Halloween, and while they do, countless children will be raped by their uncles. Nice work.

We live in a society that turns off power to hundreds of thousands of people on the off chance the wind may blow down a power pole and start a fire.

We are so scared of what might happen, we’re even scared of things that have never happened; this Halloween, countless parents will x-ray their children’s candy, not allow them to trick or treat, or only take them to “safe havens,” like the mall (what a travesty) all to make sure they don’t get tainted or poisoned candy…even though no child in America has EVER received any sort of tainted or poisoned candy from a stranger in the history of time. Step back and imagine that…we literally have fundamentally changed an entire holiday over fear of something that might happen, even though it has never happened, ever.

And so, we’ll keep pedophiles restrained on Halloween and the country will cheer. We’ll turn off peoples’ power to prevent fires that were never going to happen and endless lemmings will shout “better safe than sorry.” We’ll stockpile billions of dollars worth of vaccine for bird and swine flu, even though it’s in no way a threat to America and everyone will say “thank God we’re doing something.”

This is your country…scared of nothing and doing everything it can to stop it from happening.

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