Conservatives Say The Dumbest Things

Preface: Don’t worry, Lib-tards, you’re not forgotten. There’s a reason you’re called Lib-tards, after all. We’ll get to your hypocritical, party-line feminism and simple-minded Socialism another time.

Since seemingly everything in 21st century America is political and divided along ideological lines, it should come as no surprise that a virus is no different.

For two generations, conservatives and Republicans have argued that the liberally controlled public education system (which 91% of all American children attend) along with Hollywood elites, musicians, and a liberal media have indoctrinated kids to believe the following:

  • Socialism is good
  • America is systemically racist and unfair
  • Life is fair, and must be made fair, and anyone who makes it unfair must be punished.
  • Income inequality is the result of America’s corrupt Capitalist system and the reason people can’t get ahead has nothing to do with their own work ethic.
  • Working hard in America gets you nowhere.
  • Borders are barriers to humanity.
  • There’s nothing wrong with living off of government assistance.
  • Man-caused climate change is destroying the planet and only government-imposed regulations on human behavior will prevent our destruction.

That’s a very short list of the claims I was able to both remember and find in less than a 2-minute Google search. The anger is real, the belief entrenched, and the cries loud; conservatives have been haranguing for more than 30-years that the public education system and other poisonous forms of influential sources of information have been working at one goal; knocking America down to size. For three decades the howls have been that from the nation’s racist founding, to modern day pillaging of natural resources, America has never been good nor fair.

And yet, as the country argues today over opening back up after the scourge of Covid-19, all of that is forgotten by self-soothing moronic Conservatives who are arguing against themselves and saying the absolute dumbest things.

Every single poll and survey of the last month (and there have been dozens done by multiple companies crossing all party lines) show a very consistent average of 66% of all Americans in favor of shutting down the country, following “the science,” listening to “the experts,” and essentially destroying the greatest economy known to mankind all in the name of protecting ourselves from the flu…errrr….sorry, this horrible never before seen virus that will wipe out humanity if we don’t all stay six feet away from one another.

In one poll specifically targeted at working Americans in some of the biggest companies ranging from Nike to Chick Fil-a, more than twenty-thousand were asked if they felt safe returning to work and 80% said a resounding “no.”

Numbers like these have remained consistent for a month and cross all geographical and party lines.

And yet, loud conservatives don’t believe them. Riding the wave of all polls being wrong in the election of 2016, conservatives demand that these polls are nothing more than the liberal media telling lies (even though conservative polling groups such as Rasmussen, Fox News, and the Wall Street Journal are all amongst the above stated results).

Both locally and nationally, cries of “Americans want to get back to work,” and “I don’t believe Americans don’t want to work,” and my favorite; “the proud and hard working men and women of America are ready to open up,” can be heard echoing from the mouths of those on the political right.

You can’t have it both ways.

You cannot claim that thirty years of political indoctrination has taught Americans to be lazy, trust the government, and hate their country, and then claim that the results of those teachings are an overwhelming majority of proud, hard-working Americans.

You cannot go from two months ago, pre-Corona, bitching about “lazy snowflakes” in the workplace who have made political correctness seem tame, to suddenly claiming that the overwhelming majority of Americans are tough and ready to work.

And you most certainly can’t ignore indisputable facts such as, prior to Covid-19, we had  a workplace participation rate of under 70%. Meaning, that less than 70% of us who are physically able and are not in any sort of institution (jail, prison, facility, etc.) and are of working age were actually working. In fact, in March 2020, just before the virus hit the fan, the number was 62.7% (1) and America had just under 10 million available jobs and no one willing to fill them. While some of that 37.3% not in the labor force is made up of non-working college bums…errrrr….students, stay-at-home parents, and a tiny number of early retirees and trust fund recipients, all of them combined barely bring the number of able bodied Americans simply unwilling to work below 30%. They were, before Corona, happily living in other peoples’ homes and/or collecting government money in lieu of having jobs.

One other fact that needs to be repeated loudly so that conservatives can stop making fools of themselves; the 2016 election polls weren’t wrong. Had Americans simply shown up and voted, Hillary Clinton would be the President right now. While there was absolutely zero enthusiasm for her campaign, there was also no belief whatsoever that Trump was going to win, and so people stayed home. As evidenced by the popular vote totals, and Trump’s inability to get an approval rating near 50% at anytime in his presidency, the majority of Americans have never supported him.

And yet, with decades of claims of America being ruined by lib-tards, and irrefutable proof that long before Covid-19, one out of every three people weren’t even willing to work, idiots in American Flag hats storm state capitols and chant out slogans about how we’re a nation of hard workers. Dumbass pundits go on conservative news outlets and spew out pablum that the majority of Americans are tough and want to work. Morons email our show claiming they “don’t believe the polls.”

Which is it? Pick a hole and then stay there for God’s sake. And stay there moving forward, please. Don’t just revert to tired arguments and lame bumper stickers.

Either America is filled with strong, hard-working, proud patriots who are pushing back against the endless messages of the liberal elites (wrong answer) or America is what it’s always been; a nation of lazy followers who live off the rare few (correct).

And yes, the end is coming. Probably not in my lifetime, but relative to history, soon. Even in fake democracies like ours, the majority eventually gets its’ way, and long before the 22nd century America will have devolved into the Socialist soup that “everyone,” (according to conservatives) is afraid of it becoming.


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