Climate Change Exposed Again

Climate Change Exposed… Again

First, a reminder. I am painfully aware that literally zero people ever who have committed themselves to believing in man-made climate change have ever changed their minds. I am not here for them, for they are as lost as souls can get.

Climate Change is the 21st century’s extremist religion. There is absolutely no arguing with a Climate Changer’s “facts,” and there is no convincing them, in any way, that there is any possible alternative to people being the cause of what they believe is happening to the planet. In that way, they are identical to religious fanatics who will never, under any circumstance, listen to arguments based in alleged science to disprove their faith. And therein lies the difference; if you walk around life loathing religious zealots, at least have the consistent decency to hate Climate Changers even more. At least religious zealots admit their belief system is rooted in faith. Faith, by definition, is something unprovable. Climate Changers, on the other hand, insist that their whackadoodle notions are supported by science and irrefutable facts, two provably untrue beliefs.

So, no, I suffer no delusions that anything I write here will make even one climate changer suddenly wake up to the stupidity of their cause. It’s possible that someone undecided, may, just may, place this essay on top of the mounds of evidence that have been presented over the last decade that have shown inarguably, that what Climate Changers believe has been manufactured, manipulated, made up, and based in unknown and unprovable human beliefs as opposed to any sort of actual evidence. Whether it be the scandal of the University of Anglia, revealing all of the “evidence” proving science change to be completely made-up by scientists and professors with an agenda, or whether it be the overly-published yet always ignored proof that the often stated “97% of scientists believe in man made climate change,” is a total fabrication, nothing changes the mind of a Climate Change Zealot.

Here’s the bottom line; we prove, over and over again, how little we know. Every single day a scientifically “proven” fact or thought is disproven. In the last 20 years alone, eggs have been horrible for us and great for us. Beef has caused colon cancer and then shown to not. Sodium has raised blood pressure and now we say it doesn’t. We were supposed to exercise 90 minutes per day, 5 days per week, and now we’re supposed to walk for 30 minutes a day 3 days per week. Meanwhile, good luck properly predicting the weather 48 hours from now…yet, we’re supposed to believe that, using man-made computer models (based on our own limited knowledge), we have absolutely, positively, proven that humans are causing climate change and the world is melting. And don’t even get me started on the asinine term “climate change.” OF COURSE the climate is changing! It always has been and always will! And that’s why they’ve morphed it to “man caused climate changed.” Give me a break.

Enter world renowned climatologist and the most overrated movie director of all-time, James Cameron; who last week warned that the Great Barrier reef is going to die entirely if we don’t act on climate change immediately.

Don’t get me wrong…as a lover of the ocean, I am a bit of a Great Barrier Reef nerd and I am in awe of it. I am also painfully aware of the visual horror that is the Reef today as compared to a decade or decades ago. It saddens me…until I realize that this is nature at work, as confirmed by those almighty scientists a day after professor Cameron’s proclamation when they reported that the Great Barrier Reef has nearly died five times in the last 30,000 years.

Hmmm….so which is it? Are the genius scientists, who climate changers place all of their faith in, right? And if so, then shouldn’t James Cameron shut his camera hole and all of us should stop ringing our hands over whatever nature is doing? OR…are the scientists wrong and/or idiots and, therefore, mustn’t we discard all of this man-made-climate change baloney?

Well, of course not…because within 24 hours of that Reef report being released, “science” scrambled to add an addendum making sure to clarify that while the reef has nearly died 5 times in 30,000 years, it’s MUCH worse this time thanks to humans. HOW DO WE KNOW? Is there some sort of reef report from 25,000 and 15,000 years ago lying around that I’m not aware of? Of course not! We’re guessing and making it like we always do.

This is the playbook of humans that need to believe that we matter…that we actually have a say in our existence on this planet we can’t explain, perfectly positioned in the exact spot it needs to be from the sun to allow us to exist as a species, as opposed to Mars or Mercury. We make stuff up and change the story and make total hypocrites of ourselves because we have to…to validate ourselves. When “proof,” (based on our limited knowledge) emerged that the 1991 eruption of Mt Pinatubo emerged that the eruption had caused “nearly 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide (to be) injected into the stratosphere…and dispersal of this gas cloud around the world caused global temperatures to drop…by about 1°F…” Climate Change “deniers,” (like myself) said “See, nature cures itself! It’s cooling itself off.” Well, that of course was not allowed to stand so we had to immediately publish a bunch of made-up reports refuting what we had reported as fact, because our facts didn’t fit the narrative that people matter.

The final epithet of humanity will read “we did all we could to make ourselves feel important and impactful on eternity when, in fact, we were just a flea on the back of creation.” I am so excited for that day.

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