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Animal Cruelty Disguised As Compassion

Behavior controlists demand to be judged on their intentions, not on the results of their asinine policies, and this is no different.

New York is poised to become the first state in America to ban declawing cats, under the guise of it being a cruel form of mutilation. It sounds so compassionate, doesn’t it? Declawing is just so barbaric…I mean, seriously, who rips the claws off of an animal?

To be clear…declawing an older cat is a painful procedure for the animal, although one they recover from. The geniuses who support this policy claim that the only reason people declaw cats is for cosmetic or aesthetic reasons…ignoring the very reason most people declaw cats which is…it’s the only way they’ll own them.

In other words, it’s compassionate to not declaw cats because it’s cruel to do so. Never mind the fact that outlawing people from doing such will cause millions to abandon their cats and/or never adopt one.

Ooops, there I go again, pointing out facts and results of asinine policies meant to make people feel as though they’re doing the right thing when, in fact, they’re doing just the opposite.

It only takes a quick moment of doing what behavior controlists never do…thinking…to show the stupidity of such a policy. What’s better? A cat that endures being declawed and then lives a lifetime in a loving home, or a cat that is euthanized with its’ claws? The choice is that literal, and yet proponents of this stupidity refuse to acknowledge reality.

Dr. Aubrey Lavizzo, with Paw Project Colorado says “people are not relinquishing your cats because he can’t get them declawed.” What a stunningly asinine and provably untrue statement, and yet, here we have an “expert,” leading the cause and eschewing all facts.

Good, animal loving people choose to adopt cats and get them declawed for a variety of reasons; some don’t want their furniture destroyed, others are fearful of a cat with claws doing damage to their children or dogs. In all instances, not being able to declaw them will lead to one thing; fewer cats with homes. In a nation that euthanizes 3-5 million dogs and cats per year we don’t need laws that will increase that number under the guise of being compassionate. This is sickening and should be met with resistance at all corners, but it won’t be, because it sounds so loving…when in fact it leads to one thing…more dead cats. Bravo

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