I already knew this…but more confirmation that my husband is a Saint!! Lol!! He knows how to deal with me like no other and I love him so much for that!!!

What I’ve Learned Being In A Cast!

1. You will have to ask for help at some point and sometimes many times. Now for someone like me who hates to inconvenience people’s lives, this part at first sucked ass, but then I got over myself and realized as much as I like to help people and do anything for them, the people in my life are the same way so hey let them help when truly needed.

2. Crutches are the devil lol, but they also come in handy to use as a long stick to help pick shit up that you drop!

3. If are like me and you like to be on the go and get shit done, you will be in for a rude awakening when that cast gets put on! Your injury will make you rest, you will have NO choice, you will try and fight it and keep moving and getting shit done and then….BAM! Injury feels like its on fire, the side of your body that is working says fuck you I’m tired and if you don’t stop I’m gonna give out on you!!! I have learned very well to listen to these signals!

4. EVERYTHING that you do takes twice as long…getting to the bathroom, taking a shower, putting away groceries, getting something out of the fridge, doing laundry, cooking, getting ready to go somewhere…EVERYTHING….so plan ahead, the world of trying to do something last minute no longer exists! You will learn this day 1! 

5. EVERYTHING that you do takes careful thought and you MUST go slow, otherwise you will find yourself flat ass on the floor, don’t get cocky thinking oh I’ve got this now….YOU DON’T, don’t chance it…go slow….think thru each move you make.

6. You are most definitely stronger than you think!

7. Don’t throw yourself a pity party….I mean at first you can be a little bummed and then STOP IT and  have perspective and realize what you are dealing with is nothing compared to those that live their whole lives like this, and they make it look effortless and don’t complain, you shouldn’t complain either! Its life shit happens.

Other Cast Things I have Learned…

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