Dawn Moves Back To The Burbs

​This weekend my hubby and I will be moving into the house we just bought………in the suburbs. Yep back to the burbs! We have LOVED every second of living out on land and in the country these past many years, but long story short, yes I can actually tell a short story lol lol!! For our long term plans this will be best for us right now, and part of those future plans does include having land, just not in CA!!

In the meantime we are very happy with the house we found the neighborhood is safe, quiet although very family friendly, which is great since we will becoming Foster parents, now that Gary and I are living back in the same town full time we can go thru the training again to have Foster kiddos, we are so happy about that! 

Will I still be involved in 4-H, you bet your ass I will!! Will I still be apart of Placer County Farm Bureau, ummmm yep! My support and love of that lifestyle will still be with me! And good news one of our close friends Marguerite, our Realtor actually has our farm animals out on her property so I’ll be going out there to help take care of them!

If Gary and I had to pick an animal we LOVED raising for its meat the most, it would be Pigs!! Oh my gosh we will miss raising pigs SO much, it is such a GREAT experience, they were all so fun, playful and smart, hard to harvest when it was time but we treated all the pigs we raised damn well!! And boy were they tasty! Until we meet again piggies thanks for the memories!!

Turkeys. What can I say. They can be a pain in the ass! They aren’t friendly at all you better watch your back but holy cow were they good!! We raised about 4 for Thanksgiving. We would do it again in the future for sure.

Now here is a sight we will miss seeing!

Ask Gary and I who are favorite animals were that we owned during our time out on land and without a doubt our beloved goaty goats, Douglas and Bernard, rest in peace buddies! You gave us SO many great memories to look back on!!!

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