The Maggot Mall

The Maggot Mall

By popular demand, after years of being begged, berated and threatened, RAD Radio is proud to announce our partnership with Black Dog Graphix (with an X) and the opening of the online Maggot Mall.  Available here or straight to … and by the way, maggot has two G’s.

The Maggot Mall is fully stocked with literally dozes of options in multiple colors and designs in all shapes and sizes.  Extra small to 4x.


One of our hats has 12 different color options.  We even have multiple hats and even more shirts.

Multiple designs of hoodies, men and women’s fit.

Tank tops in multiple designs.  Including traditional fit and women’s racer-backs.

We have traditional RAD Radio T-shirts, and fun ones like a “What’s In The Box” t-shirt.

There are even t-shirts specifically designed for women.

For the golf course, we’ve got RAD Radio polo shirts, as well.

This is just a small example of what is available at the Maggot Mall.

Everything is made to order and delivered to your door.  And we are just getting started.  There will be more than just apparel on the way very soon, including limited edition, one time collector’s items as well.  The Maggot Mall is here at or

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