Journey To Health – Easy Snacks!

I don’t know about you but for me sometimes snacks can be a pain in the ass! Especially if you are busy and you don’t want to end up just snacking on stuff like donuts, cookies and candy bars lol!! I’m on Weight Watchers so I’ll share with you some of my go to easy snacks I like to have on hand when life is go go go or I just want to grab an easy snack with no thought to it!! Weight watchers is a point system, each food is assigned points to help with choice, since nothing is off limits, and to help with portion control. Anwhooooo whatever  way of eating you follow hopefully these or some of these will fall into your way of eating!!

Cart full of yumminess!! And easy breezy snacks! Handful of almonds, 24 almonds to be exact are just 5 points. Paleo pops, so good and refreshing are only 4 points. Oh my gosh have you tried those Sargento Balanced breaks perfect for on the go! And only 7 points. Justins Almond butter with pretzels easy snack that is only 7 points. Kind mini bars in various flavors also perfect to throw in your purse and have handy for when you are on the go, only come in at 4 points, and Tillamook cheese snacks perfect size and only 3 points eat with an apple and you are set!

Holy cow!! These are damn tasty, the cheddar flavor is super good too!! And only 3 points a bag!

Dude! I love these! I am a sucker for chips so these do the trick!! Only 3 points a bag!

If you know me you know I LOVE chocolate! Who doesn’t!! This combines my love of chocolate with almonds which is a perfect snack especially if you have PMS!! Only 1 point per  chocolate almond.

Yum!!! A bit high in points for only 1 of these they are 6 points but damnnnnn they are good! Yeah yeah yeah the bag says its vegan, I’m not, but man vegan baked goods can be pretty good!

Happy Healthy Journey to y’all!

– Dawn
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