Dawn’s Video Message To Her Niece Kendra

Our niece Kendra wanted to come and visit us before she goes back to College, which I love!! Her and her brother used to come and stay with us in the Summer when they were growing up so its so nice that at 19 she still wants time with her us!!

As you can imagine I can be a little crazy when it comes to making sure when any of the kiddos in our family come to visit that they are taken care of and have what they need…Kendra was getting in late Wednesday night, I would already be in bed and then gone in the morning before she wakes up…

So instead of having my hubby Gary remember everything to tell her, I made this video instead…after I made it and watched it, Gary and I had a good little chuckle with how crazy I can be…clearly all that’s in the video she could of figured out herself but the nurturer and crazy in me couldn’t let that happen lol!!! Thought I would share….Enjoy watching!


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