Coronavirus Pile

For your convenience, the following sources are used by Rob when reporting about the Coronavirus on the show. This landing page will be updated daily, for as long as developments unfold.

McDonald’s locations have cut hours by 10% due to staffing shortages: CEO

You may wait longer for your latte: Some Starbucks stores cut hours with staff shortages

Hawaii will require visitors to the state to have received a COVID-19 booster if they want to skip quarantine and be considered ‘fully vaccinated’

Apple requiring corporate, store employees to have COVID-19 boosters

Good timing, Joe! Biden reveals 1 billion at-home COVID tests will be available from January 19 – but delivery will take up to 12 DAYS – longer than the isolation period for the virus

Judge rules no probable cause to charge Texas teacher accused of sticking her son, 13, in the trunk of her car to avoid being exposed to Covid on trip to drive-thru testing site

Exclusive poll: Overwhelming majority says the US faces a mental health crisis

Community rallies around Houston-area teacher who allegedly put son in trunk because he had COVID-19

US cases fall a massive 25% in a single day with 643,660 new COVID infections and 1,986 deaths: Ex-FDA commissioner says New York could peak ‘as soon as this week’ but Omicron surge will take longer to burn out in rest of the country

Big push for Californians to switch to N95 or KN95 masks as Omicron surge worsens

Former Biden COVID adviser says cloth masks ineffective, suggests Americans start wearing N-95 masks

Biden, in Shift, Prepares Americans to See Covid-19 as Part of Life

NFL weighs moving Super Bowl LVI away from Los Angeles to Dallas or other venues as California bolsters mask mandates during Omicron surge

California extends its indoor mask mandate until February as omicron surge continues

Cities with mask, vaccine mandates seeing huge COVID-19 spikes anyway

More than 150 Comparative Studies and Articles on Mask Ineffectiveness and Harms

Paris reintroduces an outdoor mask mandate.

Ontario begins lockdown: schools, gyms, indoor dining closed again

Health expert: Surge in COVID-19 cases should no longer be ‘major metric’ of pandemic

Yale bans students from eating OUTDOORS at local restaurants for spring semester to try and cut COVID despite Johns Hopkins professor insisting they are the lowest risk group

Whoopi Goldberg stunned by testing positive for COVID: ‘I’ve done everything I was supposed to do’

Airlines won’t fly maskless, partying influencers home after Trudeau calls them ‘idiots’

Déjà vu: French scientists detect ANOTHER variant linked to travel to Cameroon and say it carries 46 mutations that may make it more vaccine-resistant and infectious (but it is so far NOT outcompeting Omicron)

COVID-19 cases hit a new record in Sacramento County, hospitalizations up 62% in a week

Omicron up to 70% less likely to cause hospitalization than delta variant, UK government study finds

Sacramento COVID-19 testing site has long line after holidays

Americans saw 2021 as ‘chaos’ and a ‘train wreck’ but are hopeful about 2022, USA TODAY/Suffolk poll shows

California allows San Francisco to maintain existing COVID-19 masking rules

Philly health commissioner warns against gathering with family during holidays due to COVID

Philly health commissioner warns against gathering with family during holidays due to COVID

Omicron COVID-19 variant: Cornell, Princeton shift to remote format

Apple Delays Return to Office, Closes Three Retail Stores as Covid Cases Rise

Omicron threatens to massively disrupt sports world

Roger Goodell, chief medical officer Allen Sills respond to whether recent COVID outbreak will postpone NFL games

Omicron shuts Cornell: Ivy League college moves to ‘red alert’ after more than 900 new COVID cases are confirmed within a week, prompting 25,500 students to switch to remote learning

Omicron is spreading ‘every place at once,’ experts say. What it could mean for holiday plans.

NFL requiring COVID-19 booster shots by Dec. 27

Browns coach Kevin Stefanski, quarterback Baker Mayfield test positive for COVID-19

California to require masking up indoors for a month to slow uptick in COVID-19 cases

Google, Uber push back returns to office

Teacher under investigation after allegedly suggesting shooting Republicans

Record number of young Americans under 35 are not having sex because the pandemic has killed social drinking and made people spend more time online

Wearing a mask is better than social distancing in EVERY scenario: Risk of catching Covid is up to 225 TIMES lower for people donning coverings, study finds

12 Family Members Diagnosed With COVID-19 After Attending Milwaukee Wedding, 5 With Omicron Variant

Omicron, what Omicron? Most Americans are NOT willing to change their behavior to avoid new variant with only 13% saying they will stop going to work and 28% saying they will stop gathering outside the household

Doctor explains how omicron variant could speed up end of COVID pandemic

Nevada prepping for inevitable arrival of omicron COVID-19 variant

Omicron will likely ‘dominate and overwhelm’ the world in 3-6 months, doctor says

I’ve seen nothing in this variant that warrants Britain’s extreme response to it: Dr ANGELIQUE COETZEE, the doctor who alerted the world to the Omicron Covid variant, says we are over-reacting to the threat

Most employers will require workers to get COVID-19 shots, survey shows

New York Declares State of Emergency to Combat Omicron Variant

Omicron variant symptoms ‘usual but mild,’ South African doctor says

Fauci says ‘troublesome’ omicron ‘might evade immune protection’

Santa Cruz County reinstates indoor mask mandate

Governor Ron DeSantis trolls Biden by signing a bill banning his federal vaccine mandates in the city of Brandon, Florida and inspires crowd to chant ‘Let’s Go Brandon’

OSHA suspends enforcement of COVID-19 vaccine mandate for businesses

Clashes erupt as Holland goes BACK into lockdown: Police spray protesters with water cannon as shops and restaurants are ordered to close early – and Covid cases rise across EU while they FALL in UK

Austria set to place millions of unvaccinated people in lockdown, as chancellor slams ‘shameful’ shot uptake

Thanksgiving travel is set to return to near pre-pandemic levels: 53 million people are set to take to the roads and the skies for the holiday and air travel will be up 80%

Broadway vaccine and mask mandates extended, adding rules for kids and international visitors

School mask mandates are starting to disappear. Is it too soon?

Brothel offers free sex ‘session’ to patrons who get COVID vaxx on-site

Pfizer antiviral drug could nearly end deaths from COVID-19, company study suggests

Florida now has America’s lowest COVID rate. Does Ron DeSantis deserve credit?

GOP-appointed judges freeze Biden vaccine requirement after federal lawsuit

COVID-19: WHO expresses ‘grave concern’ over cases in Europe

NYC’s employee vaccine mandate is now in effect. Here’s what it could mean for first responders

Business groups ask White House to delay Biden Covid vaccine mandate until after the holidays

Bidens caught violating DC mask mandate at posh Georgetown restaurant

Smirking Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot brazenly breaks her own COVID rules by going bare-faced in masked crowd at basketball game – then sharing it on her Twitter account

Is trick-or-treating safe? How to celebrate Halloween amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Americans are using alcohol to cope with pandemic stress: Nearly 1 in 5 report ‘heavy drinking’

The next pandemic-related shortage? Wine and liquor

Oregon health officials say you can kiss on dates — if both vaccinated

Fox News Poll: Majorities favor mask and vaccine mandates as pandemic worries increase

LA County will require proof of vaccination or negative test at bars, nightclubs, and events

Restaurants close dining rooms again as delta-driven infections spread

Parents Plan To Sue Over Mask Mandate

Our Most Reliable Pandemic Number Is Losing Meaning

COVID-19 vaccine expert not as concerned about full stadiums as people not getting shots

Inhaling onion fumes does not kill Covid-19, experts say

Covid-19 Deaths in Delta Surge Trend Younger in U.S.

Fauci backs COVID vaccine requirement for air travel: ‘I would support that’

U.S. Rep. Don Beyer introduces bill to require vaccines or negative coronavirus test for domestic travel

Your Holiday Gatherings Should Have Vaccine Mandates

Alabama heart patient dies after hospital contacts 43 ICUs in 3 states, family says

NY hospital to pause baby deliveries after resignations over Covid-19 vaccine mandate

‘Mask it or casket:’ Georgia college faculty, frustrated by lack of COVID-19 mandates, take a stand

Fauci tells Biden to go FURTHER: CDC chief says president’s sweeping COVID-19 vaccine mandate is a ‘MODERATE’ plan and he would not give Americans the option of testing instead

Coronavirus-sniffing dogs unleashed at Miami airport to detect virus in employees

18 gorillas in Atlanta zoo show COVID symptoms after delta exposure, may receive vaccines

L.A. school officials order sweeping student vaccine mandate, a first by a major district

Fact Check-Study did not find vaccinated healthcare workers carry 251 times the viral load of those who were unvaccinated

Fully vaccinated Americans have a less than one in 13,000 chance of having a severe breakthrough case of COVID-19 – and 99% of all hospitalizations since January have been among unvaccinated people

‘Your refusal has cost us all’: Biden declares war on the 80M unvaccinated Americans in speech ordering mandates on two-thirds of ALL workers and insists: ‘This is not about freedom’

Microsoft will INDEFINITELY delay return of entire 103,000 US workforce to offices amid spread of Delta variant

‘Pan-dimwits’: Jimmy Kimmel says the unvaxxed don’t deserve ICU beds

Howard Stern Tells Anti-Vaxxers Who Catch Coronavirus: ‘Go F**k Yourself’

Macy’s plans a vaccinated Thanksgiving Day parade that will resume many traditions.

Rutgers bars unvaccinated student from attending virtual classes

WHO chief calls on the US and Europe to halt COVID-19 vaccine boosters for rest of the year and says he is ‘appalled’ rich countries are not offering their supply of shots to poor nations

States that cut unemployment early aren’t seeing a hiring boom, but who gets hired is changing

Despite divides, Covid-19 vaccines are now as popular as Christmas trees

Saturday gamedays are back! Incredible scenes as fans flock back to college football stadiums across America with no masks or social distancing despite surge in COVID cases and hospitalizations

Dallas Cowboys OG Zack Martin tests positive for COVID-19, out for Thursday opener vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

COVID is delaying music and movies: You’ll have to wait for ‘Top Gun 2,’ Doobie Brothers and more

Panic buying of toilet paper hits U.S. stores again with new pandemic restrictions

Top Gun: Maverick and Mission: Impossible 7 delayed amid Delta surge

McDonald’s prepares to close dining rooms again

COVID infections driven by Delta appear to have peaked in US amid speculation that it has followed the same two month pattern as other variants which rise for eight weeks, then fall

Vaccines cut risk of ‘long covid’ in half, major study finds

COVID vaccination progress: Only 1 in 5 say they won’t get a jab; White House says pace of shots accelerating. Latest updates.

Joe Rogan tests positive for COVID, says he’s taking unapproved deworming drug ivermectin

Two top FDA vaccine regulators RESIGN ‘in fury at White House’ for ‘politicizing’ COVID boosters by announcing third shots for all before the agency gave medical approval

American parents are split on whether children should be wearing masks in schools, with two-fifths opposing masks for ALL students

Hawaii Officials Eye Lockdowns Amid Surge of Delta Variant

Some Knox County Schools parents planning a ‘sick out’ to up the pressure on COVID-19 safety

NYT: Masks a ‘Great Opportunity’ to Help Kids Learn in School, Help Conquer Nose-Picking, Nail-Biting

Illinois mom says judge stripped custody of son until she gets COVID-19 vaccine: report

California and Florida took two very different approaches to deal with COVID-19 pandemic and ended up with the same outcome – until the Sunshine State was overrun by Indian ‘Delta’ variant

Placer County Public Health issues new COVID-19 health warning

Wife hospitalized for a week with COVID comes home to find her husband dead in their bedroom from the virus after both failed to get vaccinated

Illinois governor is set to announce all eligible students and school staff must be vaccinated and wear masks as part of new state-wide mandate: Children over two will also be forced to wear masks indoors

Krispy Kreme is sweetening its free doughnut promotion for vaccinated people

Oregon governor announces statewide outdoor mask mandate regardless of vaccination status

Federal health officials say: Wear masks in outdoor crowds

Some Parents Push to Give Covid-19 Vaccine to Children Under 12, Against Government Guidance

Experts renew warnings of ‘twindemic’ as US enters flu season amid rising COVID-19 cases: ‘We face the same threat this year’

New Study Reveals Yet Another Benefit Of COVID Vaccines For Pregnant Women

Doctors’ plea to pregnant women in Broward: ‘If you love that baby, please go get vaccinated’ against COVID

Pregnant, Unvaccinated and Intubated: Case Surge Alarms Doctors

It’s not easy to pronounce. But one thing is certain about FDA-approved Comirnaty: It works

Mississippi residents who test positive for COVID-19 are ordered to isolate for ten days or face FIVE YEARS in prison

Biden urges businesses mandate COVID-19 vaccine following full approval of the Pfizer-BioNTech shot

NYC mandates vaccinations for public school teachers, staff

Hawaii Gov. David Ige urges tourists to stay home amid COVID surge: ‘Now is not the time to visit the islands’

Australian PM Morrison defends lockdown strategy as daily cases hit record

15 rescue dogs, including 10 puppies, killed by council in Australia over COVID-19 concerns

New Zealand extends virus lockdown; Australia eyes vaccines

Vietnam deploys troops to enforce COVID lockdown in largest city

How do you know if you have the delta variant of COVID-19?

Blue surgical face masks are only 10% effective in preventing COVID infection, new study finds

No vaccination? Americans back tough rules and mask mandates to protect the common good

Here’s Why Johnson & Johnson’s Vaccine Could Overtake Both Pfizer and Moderna

Mother of 4 dies of COVID weeks after losing husband to the virus

‘This will be a tough year’: Thousands of kids are in COVID-19 quarantine across the US, and school has just begun

About 99.999% of fully vaccinated Americans have not had a deadly Covid-19 breakthrough case, CDC data shows

Unvaccinated Americans are REFUSING life-saving blood transfusions from people with COVID-19 vaccine over fears their donations contain microchips

Raiders become 2nd NFL team to require proof of vaccination at games

New Zealand goes into lockdown over first COVID-19 infection in 6 months

Andrews bans people from removing masks to drink outdoors

Los Angeles County is tightening its mask mandate even further

Chicago Announces Indoor Mask Mandate For All, Regardless of Vaccination Status

Travel mask mandate to be extended into January for planes, trains, buses as COVID cases rise

Philadelphia to Require Unvaccinated City Employees to Double-Mask

Some Las Vegas show venues to require proof of COVID vaccination

Sacramento considers vaccine mandate for indoor activities. Here’s what would be covered

Las Vegas Raiders become first NFL team to require proof of vaccination to attend home games

Moms with young kids drank 323% more after coronavirus pandemic: study

Calif. capital to require all city employees to get vaccinated or face discipline

‘Breaking society apart’: Unvaccinated people are angry as they face more Covid restrictions

Fauci asks people to ‘put aside’ concerns of personal liberty and recognize ‘common enemy’ of COVID-19

Maskless Lollapalooza was NOT a super-spreader event: Just 203 people tested positive – including 127 vaccinated attendees and 76 who hadn’t had their shots – in crowd of 385,000 where 90% were jabbed

‘Screw your freedom’: Arnold Schwarzenegger calls anti-maskers ‘schmucks’ in powerful rant

Masks, comfortable clothes likely to linger after pandemic, Post-Schar School polling finds

‘There IS a problem with children and COVID’: Fauci says ‘considerable number’ of infected young people are seriously ill – and school kids SHOULD wear masks

Dr. Anthony Fauci: Expect ‘a flood’ of COVID-19 vaccine mandates after full FDA approval

Roseville nurses protest Kaiser’s vaccine mandate

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally roars into its second day and 700K people descend on South Dakota despite Delta variant surge

California Will Require Vaccines For Workers In Health Care Facilities

Jennifer Aniston Doubles Down on Decision to Cut Off Her Unvaccinated Friends – Read Her Statement

Will LA be next to mandate vaccine? City leaders push to follow NYC requiring jab for ALL indoor activities including gyms, restaurants and bar and starts with order for all 110,000 county employees

Sacramento County says vaccinations up 41%, hospitals can handle more COVID-19 cases

Broadway Returns After Nearly 17-Month Shutdown With 1st Performances Of ‘Pass Over’

Almost 500 Milwaukee Bucks fans caught COVID-19 after 100,000 flooded downtown streets to celebrate first championship win in 50 years

Inside the Weird, Thriving World of Fake Vaccine Cards

A Doomsday COVID Variant Worse Than Delta and Lambda May Be Coming, Scientists Say

Now Dr. Fauci says he fears vaccine-resistant COVID variant could emerge this fall and warns US is ‘in trouble’ – a day after saying the nation is on same ‘trajectory’ as UK where cases have DECLINED

Opinion: Americans have had it with vaccine refusers and anti-mandate politicians

Defense Secretary to announce mandatory COVID vaccinations for troops ‘soon’: Sources

COMMENTARY: My views on cloth face coverings for the public for preventing COVID-19

Lollapalooza a ‘recipe for disaster,’ experts warn. Should more music festivals be canceled amid COVID-19?

Cloth masks are INEFFECTIVE against COVID-19, says ex-Biden adviser and top epidemiologist who is urging Americans to wear N-95 masks instead if they have to

Jennifer Aniston says she cut unvaccinated people out of her life

Tyson Foods to Require Covid-19 Vaccines for All U.S. Workers

Despite record COVID-19 hospitalizations, Florida’s governor says ‘admissions have slowed’

New York City to become first major US city to require vaccination proof for indoor activities: Live COVID-19 updates

Biden adviser calls for companies to impose COVID-19 vaccine mandates

U.S. reaches 70% Covid vaccine milestone for adults about a month behind Biden’s goal

Delta infections among vaccinated likely contagious; Lambda variant shows vaccine resistance in lab

McDonald’s to require masks for customers, staff in high transmission areas

7 Bay Area counties reinstate indoor mask requirement amid COVID-19 surge

Louisiana reinstates statewide indoor mask mandate

Students Need To Be In Classrooms, With Masks, This Fall, Education Secretary Says

CDC shares ‘pivotal discovery’ on Covid-19 breakthrough infections that led to new mask guidance

Study: Those Vaccinated Who Get COVID Carry Less Virus

NIH chief: Mask mandates are ‘mostly about protecting the unvaccinated’

Sacramento County to require wearing masks indoors due to delta variant

Disney Will Begin Requiring Masks Again Indoors At Its Theme Parks In The U.S.

Apple to require masks in half of its US stores starting Thursday following CDC mask guidelines

Just 41% buy into Biden re-masking and only 40% will wear one

Biden orders tough new vaccination rules for federal workers

CDC director says European-style health passes ‘may very well be a path forward’ in US

‘New science is worrisome’: CDC recommends wearing masks indoors, again. What that means for vaccinated Americans.

Study: Those Vaccinated Who Get COVID Carry Less Virus

What do falling COVID rates in Delta-ridden UK mean for America’s battle? Experts say increase in vaccinations, warmer weather and fewer gatherings have helped cases decline by 132% in Britain – and may do the same in US

City, nonprofit canvassers go door to door promoting COVID-19 vaccines amid delta variant surge

Statement by President Joe Biden on CDC Guidance

Biden will announce vaccination requirement across federal government on Thursday

Nevada issues emergency order requiring masks — vaccinated or not — in a dozen counties starting Friday

Medical groups urge mandatory vaccinations for all U.S. health care workers

California, NYC unveil plans to require vaccinations or testing; VA says shots mandatory for medical workers: Live COVID-19 updates

France Approves Law Requiring Pandemic Passes To Eat At Restaurants And Mandating Vaccinations For Essential Workers

NFL says COVID outbreaks among unvaccinated players may result in forfeiting games, loss of pay in new policy

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey says COVID-19 concerns won’t lead to rescheduled football games

Biden hints at coming CDC guidance recommending children younger than 12 to wear masks in school

San Mateo County to require mask use for county buildings as ‘first step’

White House considering push for masks: report

Las Vegas officials decide against mask mandate for tourists on Strip, in casinos

Rolex shortage intensifies almost a year after covid forced manufacturing to close

Pediatrics group says kids should wear masks at school; Canada reopens border to Americans: Live COVID-19 updates

On England’s ‘Freedom Day,’ masks come off at nightclubs, even as coronavirus cases approach January peak

States, counties consider mask mandates; US upgrades travel warnings for Britain, Indonesia: COVID-19 updates

The Flimsy Evidence Behind the CDC’s Push to Vaccinate Children

Fauci supports medical group’s call to mask 3-year-olds and older in school: ‘Reasonable thing to do’

Some Las Vegas hotel-casinos requiring all employees to start wearing masks again

Mask up indoors in Los Angeles and Las Vegas – even if you’re vaccinated, officials say

Reinstating mask mandate in LA ‘not punishment, but prevention’: Solis

Wheaton parents protest optional mask rule in schools for upcoming school year

‘The pandemic is not over’: Bring back universal face masks, the nation’s largest nurses union tells CDC

Some San Francisco-area restaurants reinstate mask requirements, cut unvaccinated workers over new guidance

More California Counties Recommend Face Masks Again

No sex, no cheering, masks on the podium and eating alone… welcome to the Joyless Games! Updated Tokyo 2020 rulebook highlights extreme restrictions on athletes due to Covid

It’s smooth sailing for some! Ultra-rich splash up to $200K on luxury cruise with stops at 66 ports in 31 countries as tickets sell out in less than THREE HOURS – despite COVID fears

Los Angeles County reimposing indoor mask requirement

Vaccinated People Who Get Infected Carry Less Covid-19 Virus, CDC Researchers Say

All COVID patients in LA County-run hospitals are unvaccinated, official says

Daily Covid cases DOUBLE in three weeks with hotspots Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana reporting up to 92% rise in infections as Indian ‘Delta’ variant takes hold in the US: 99.5% of all deaths have been among unvaccinated people

Businesses respond to Sacramento County indoor masking recommendation

AMA Journal: Masks Are Bad For Your Kids. Quit Forcing Them To Wear Them

Mayor de Blasio insists mask mandate WILL be in effect in NYC public schools this fall despite latest CDC guidance that fully vaccinated people don’t need to wear them

FDA to announce new warning on J&J Covid vaccine related to a rare autoimmune disorder, report says

Unvaccinated teens marked by numbers at NH high school prom

178 health care workers suspended from Houston Methodist hospital system for refusing COVID-19 vaccination

San Francisco on track to be 1st CA metro city to reach full herd immunity, UCSF doctors say

No vaccine needed for those who’ve had COVID-19, Cleveland Clinic study says

Florida, Alabama discontinue daily Covid data reporting in shift to ‘next phase’ of pandemic

Cal/OSHA Approves Revised Emergency Temporary Standards

Social Distancing Solution: Wristbands Do the Talking for Attendees

Carnival Cruise Line will require COVID vaccine for first cruises in US waters in July

‘Not again’: Positive COVID test erases Rahm’s 6-shot lead at Memorial

Gavin Newsom Says He Will Not Lift California State Of Emergency, Give Up Emergency Powers On June 15

California county cuts COVID-19 death toll by 25% after finding some deaths ‘clearly not’ caused by virus

Flying to Maui? Travelers will no longer be tested for coronavirus on arrival

Most California Workers to Stay Masked Under Revised Rules

Employers Can Require Covid-19 Vaccine Under Federal Law, New Guidance States

See you in the desert! Coachella music festival announces 2022 return after two years of cancellations due to COVID – but no word on vaccination rules yet

Shooting his shot! West Virginia governor offers custom hunting rifles and shotguns as prizes in the state’s COVID-19 vaccine lottery

Northern California cafe owner charges customers fee for wearing a mask

Study: Mask Mandates Didn’t Help Slow Spread of COVID-19

Masks Didn’t Slow COVID Spread: New Study

My Husband Won’t Take His Mask Off—Even for Sex

Interest in vaccinations increased after CDC announced new mask guidance

CVS launches COVID vaccine sweepstakes offering Super Bowl tickets, vacations to the Bahamas and $5,000 in cash to anyone who gets a shot in their stores

California to offer $116 million in Covid vaccine prize money

How to win the California vaccine lottery, know if you’re eligible for cash, gift cards

Why some fully vaccinated people are still wearing masks

Dr. Marc Siegel: COVID is on the way out but the other pandemic, fear, is still going strong

Workplace COVID vaccine tracking: What you need to know about Santa Clara County’s new rules

Two-thirds of American adults approve of governments mandating Covid shots but half don’t believe businesses should use vaccine passports, poll finds

Half of U.S. adults are now fully vaccinated, CDC says

Ohio’s $1M COVID lottery Vax-a-Million: Nearly 3 million registered

Las Vegas officials hold pop-up vaccine clinic at strip club

Colorado school bus driver fired after hitting child in mask dispute, district says

33 Reno pediatricians: WCSD should reinstate universal mask wearing until school year ends

New Mask Guidelines Don’t Take a Huge Number of Americans Into Account

Mask appeal: The addiction of surgical masks in Japan

Dust off that passport: Europe travel closer to reality after EU decision – but timing is unclear

Lollapalooza will return to Chicago in July, Foo Fighters likely to headline

Texas reports zero COVID deaths 2 months after Biden slammed ‘Neanderthal thinking’

Fifteen states including Delaware, Georgia and Minnesota, reported ZERO COVID-19 deaths on Monday as US records less than 600 daily fatalities with cases declining in all 50 states and share of US adults who have had at least one vaccine dose rises to 60%

N.J. to keep indoor mask mandates despite CDC change, Murphy says. But vaccinated people can ditch masks outdoors.

Cuomo: NY to Lift Mask, Social Distancing Mandates for the Fully Vaccinated Wednesday

California keeping mask mandate until June 15

CDC says fully vaccinated people don’t need to wear face masks indoors or outdoors in most settings

Poll: Vaccinated Americans are ready to drop their masks after CDC shift. But they’re not ready to socialize with the unvaccinated.

Italian study shows COVID-19 infections, deaths plummeting after jabs

You’re finally ready to host that party. Should you ask guests about their vaccine status?

Governor: Hawaii will keep mask rules despite new CDC guidance

Masks still required, rules remain in N.J. as Gov. Murphy reviews new CDC guidance

Vaccinated people won’t have to wear masks indoors in CT starting May 19, Lamont says

COVID In Colorado: Governor’s Office Lifts Face Mask Mandate For Those Who Are Vaccinated

Nancy Pelosi is keeping a mask mandate on the House floor despite CDC guidance and pushback from Republicans

Pressure builds for CDC to update indoor-mask requirements for vaccinated people

California to effectively end mask mandate when state fully reopens next month, Gov. Newsom says

Ohio To Reward $1 Million To 5 Lucky Vaccine Recipients—See The Full List Of State Incentives

Many Vaccinated Americans Are Still Uncomfortable Returning to Public Activities. The U.S. Economy Needs Them

US may reach herd immunity after all, survey suggests: Nearly 70% of adults say they WILL get vaccinated against Covid or already have as the share who will refuse the shot falls to 17%

CDC Misleads: Calls .01 Percent Chance of Infection, ‘Less Than 10 Percent’

The people who want to keep masking: ‘It’s like an invisibility cloak’

Average daily US Covid cases fall to fewer than 40,000 for the first time since September 15 as average daily deaths fall to a low since July 6

Biden says he expects ‘a more aggressive effort’ to relax CDC guidance for fully vaccinated people

Pets adopted during the pandemic are being returned at record numbers: report

A third of vaccine skeptics would get COVID-19 shot if offered a $100 cash incentive, study finds

‘We are turning the corner’: Average daily Covid deaths fall to a NINE-MONTH low of 666 while new cases and hospitalizations plummet 15% in a week amid rise in vaccinations with 58% of American adults having had their first shot 

Canelo-Saunders fight at AT&T Stadium sets boxing attendance record with more than 73,000 fans

Can COVID-19 vaccines affect my period?

Free booze, baseball tickets offered as U.S. demand for COVID-19 vaccine drops

Oregon sees surge in COVID hospitalizations among its unvaccinated youth as Gov. Kate Brown defends throwing state back into lockdown through end of JUNE

DC mayor backtracks on rolling back indoor mask requirements for fully vaccinated adults

Nevada brothels reopen after long hiatus, sex workers look forward to return to work

Michigan Gov. Whitmer announces plan to tie coronavirus vaccination rate to reopening

With masks and distancing, Biden’s speech sent the wrong message about the power of our vaccines

Hawaii Island officials issue more than 100 citations at Kehena Black Sand Beach over 4 Sundays

Oregon HS coach demands end to mask mandate after athlete collapses: ‘We’re talking about oxygen needs’

Summer travel plans for millions could be thrown into chaos by gas shortages after tanker drivers abandoning their jobs to become Amazon delivery guys during pandemic

The world isolates. A New Zealand band plays to 50,000 fans

Burning Man cancels 2021 festival in northern Nevada desert

The Los Angeles Dodgers, other California teams debut fully vaccinated seating section for home games

‘I love my airline, but they didn’t love me back’: Southwest flight attendant blames airline for husband’s COVID-19 death

‘Especially heartbreaking’: 11-year-old dies with COVID-19 during family trip to Hawaii

Israel records ZERO daily Covid deaths for first time in ten months as it closes hospital coronavirus wards with more than 80% of adults vaccinated

Biden will announce new CDC mask guidance Tuesday, sources say

Vaccinated against COVID? Great; here’s why you should still wear a mask in public.

US reports just 32K new COVID cases – the least since September – while Florida’s daily infection rate falls lower than Michigan’s OR NYC’s despite the Sunshine State seeing a 16% rise in hospitalizations this month as variants take hold

Despite objections, masks here to stay in Colorado Springs schools, even for most younger students

CDC updates COVID-19 guidance for summer camps

New Quit Genius Survey of U.S. Workers Finds That 38 Percent are Drinking More Alcohol During Pandemic; Over 1 in 4 Remote Workers Have Gone to Work Impaired by Alcohol or Drugs

Hawaii tourists are renting U-Haul vans instead of rental cars due to a massive shortage sending prices up to $700 a day

‘It’s Gonna Be Fun’: Nevada Brothels Hot to Trot for Reopening

Las Vegas strip clubs given OK to reopen May 1

Fully open Texas and Florida reporting fewer COVID cases than Democrat-led Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York

A guideline to limit indoor airborne transmission of COVID-19

FlexJobs Survey Finds Employees Want Remote Work Post-Pandemic

Only two ‘breakthrough’ Covid infections found among 417 fully vaccinated people at a New York City university, study finds

Finally! CDC director says experts are ‘looking at’ whether people still need to wear masks outside to protect against COVID-19

UC And Cal State Systems To Require COVID-19 Vaccinations For In-Person Fall Classes

India’s COVID tsunami is the worst in the world. Why that should concern Americans.

How long will masks be required on planes? Flight attendants say mandate should be extended

Burning Man mulling mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for August

Biden warns if Americans don’t get COVID jabs they might have to cancel July 4

Virginia judge refuses to issue injunction against restaurant defying COVID restrictions

Siblings fighting. Spouses at odds. How to fix relationships damaged by COVID.

Inactivity increases risk of COVID-19 death, study suggests

School’s out for the teachers! Outrage as San Francisco parents are told to send their kids back to class but teachers will stay HOME and hold lessons over Zoom

CDC chief admits they have NO proof J&J vaccine causes blood clots and says they’re pausing it mainly to talk to doctors about how to treat the rare condition – as experts call it one big overreaction

You are more likely to get a blood clot on birth-control pills than from the J&J vaccine — but not the same type of clot

New Hampshire and Oklahoma are the latest states to open vaccinations to outside residents.

Is Fauci suddenly changing his tune (a little) on vaccinated people socializing?

Fauci fatigue sets in as top doc sows doubt in vaccine effectiveness

Gov. Sisolak: Nevada to open at 100% capacity by June 1

These couples may struggle the most as the pandemic ends and we return to normal

Are YOU sick of the sight of your partner after 11 months of lockdown? Experts reveal how to reignite the spark – from sleeping in separate beds on alternate nights to watching a scary film to boost arousal

How much has quarantining together aged your relationship?

Critics erupt on Fauci after he says to not eat indoors, even after getting vaccine

Americans’ Worry About Catching COVID-19 Drops to Record Low

Hawaii details plans for COVID-19 vaccine ‘passport’ for travelers

NYC singles ready for ‘slutty summer’ of casual sex as COVID-19 vaccinations rise

Commissioners vote 4 to 1 in favor of amended reopening plan

Team Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson? Vaccine rivalries are taking over TikTok

California sets target date of June 15 to lift most COVID-19 restrictions

Denver bar is slammed over controversial new policy asking people for proof they’ve had a COVID-19 vaccine before they can drink inside

Covid was third-leading cause of death in the U.S. last year

Yankee Stadium fan protocols: Testing or vaccination proof is a must; Parking, concessions, social distancing info

Russia is testing COVID-19 vaccine for pets

CDC provides Easter coronavirus guidance, says fully vaccinated people can gather without masks

The data shows lockdowns end more lives than they save

Toilet paper prices to rise: Maker of Cottonelle, Scott brands plans to increase prices

How vaccine passports may be used by private businesses in Las Vegas

Hawaii develops digital vaccine passport for travelers to and from the state in bid to overcome COVID and despite GOP privacy fears

Covid Vaccine Hesitancy Drops Among All Americans, New Survey Shows

Commissioner Roger Goodell: NFL expects to have full stadiums for 2021 season

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone says he recently received COVID-19 vaccine, encourages players to do same once eligible

‘Scared’ CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky warns of ‘impending doom’

Texas’ COVID numbers fall for the 17th consecutive day following Gov. Abbott’s 100% reopening of the state and lifting of the mask mandate – a move that Biden infamously called ‘Neanderthal thinking’

Major League Baseball relaxing COVID-19 protocols for fully vaccinated players, staff

Researchers create nose-only COVID-19 masks to wear while eating

A year into the pandemic, Florida is booming and Republican Gov. DeSantis is taking credit

Sweden saw lower increase in deaths during 2020 than most of Europe despite shunning Covid-19 lockdown

Hawaii gets tourism surge as coronavirus rules loosen up

Warner Bros. will return to theatrical releases in 2022, ending its HBO Max experiment

‘Three-dollar gas will be the norm by Memorial Day’: Drivers will pay 30% more at the pump compared to last year in seven-year fuel price high as Americans emerge from COVID-19 lockdowns

‘I don’t want to be the one who gives it to people’: Many Americans won’t eat out, fly until COVID-19 herd immunity arrives

Free Krispy Kreme doughnuts, cash and even marijuana — businesses pile on the perks for getting vaccinated

Seven in 10 office workers believe colleagues should only be allowed back at desks if they have been vaccinated

Americans spent the pandemic stocking up on booze. That may be changing

Clarity for Catholics: It’s OK to get Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine – if it’s the only one available

Krispy Kreme will offer free doughnuts—all year long—to people with COVID-19 vaccination cards

Paris says NON to lockdown: Streets and parks are packed with people enjoying the spring sunshine despite draconian new Covid restrictions

Will you need a COVID-19 ‘vaccine passport’ to travel? Here’s what they are and how they might work

Fully vaccinated people can visit unvaccinated family and friends, but one household at a time, CDC official says

Royal Caribbean to return to the Caribbean with vaccinated guests in June

Who is Micheline Epstein? NY doctor separated from daughter, 6, after refusing to wear mask outside school

IRS tax deadline changes with income taxes and payments due May 17 to give taxpayers more time amid COVID

Disney parks to re-open – but no screaming please

Over 300 Percent Increase in Intentional Self-Harm Claim Lines for Ages 13-18, as Percentage of All Medical Claim Lines, in Northeast from August 2019 to August 2020

White House races to blunt potential Covid-19 surge

Will the AstraZeneca Vaccine Be Approved in the US? What We Know as Europe Divides

How long will we need to wear masks? Here’s what experts predict

Burning Man announces 2021 theme. Will there be an event? Decision coming by end of May

How single Americans are getting through this pandemic dry spell alone

Texas Rangers plan to allow full capacity of fans for 2021 MLB Opening Day

Association of State-Issued Mask Mandates and Allowing On-Premises Restaurant Dining with County-Level COVID-19 Case and Death Growth Rates — United States, March 1–December 31, 2020

The CDC Is About To Be Canceled By Google & Facebook For COVID Heresy

US obesity crisis to blame for it having one of the world’s worst Covid death rates: Major report reveals 90% of ALL coronavirus fatalities have occurred in countries where HALF of people are overweight

More than 73 percent of Americans who die of COVID-19 are overweight or obese, CDC data reveal

‘Mask off’ party celebrating Texas Covid rollbacks nixed after outcry from Houston officials

Israel to share names of people not vaccinated against COVID-19

Spring Break veers toward ‘normal’ in Florida – despite coronavirus pandemic

California parent ‘disgusted’ by suspension of high school baseball team over maskless group pic

Dairy Queen cancels Free Cone Day 2021, its annual first day of spring freebie, amid COVID-19

Avoid indoor gatherings this St. Patrick’s Day, CDC warns

‘Vaccine passport’ app for large stadiums, arenas tested in New York

Super Bowl wasn’t superspreader, FDOH report says

Four states have rolled back mask mandates. More could be on the way. Here’s what it could mean for all of us.

‘South Park Vaccination Special’ Clip Teases Town Chaos Over the Vaccine

House cancels Thursday session after police warn of ‘possible plot to breach the Capitol’


States from Massachusetts to Missouri relax more COVID restrictions: Vaccinations near 77 million and daily cases stall at 65K – but health officials warn relaxing rules could lead to a FOURTH surge

Newsom blasts Abbott for removing Texas mask mandate: ‘Absolutely reckless’

NY Wedding Receptions Get New Dance Rules Ahead of Next Month’s Return

Rolling back the Tide! Alabama is set to host full crowds at 101,000-seat Bryant-Denny Stadium for the 2021 football season after limiting attendance to 20% amid the pandemic

Why get COVID-19 vaccination if you still have to wear a mask? It beats getting sick, health experts say.

How life is getting back to normal for Israel’s vaccinated citizens: Millions of fully inoculated residents can use ‘green pass’ app to let them visit gyms, bars, hotels and restaurants

Former Detroit news anchor dies after getting COVID-19 vaccine, husband says; cause of death unclear

Moment Biden COVID adviser is UNABLE to explain why lockdown-loving California isn’t doing better than open-all-hours Florida

Ashes to be sprinkled over parishioners’ heads during pandemic Ash Wednesday

Apple revamps syringe emoji for Covid vaccines

‘Revenge bedtime procrastination’ could be robbing you of precious sleep time

‘It’s like we’re trying our best to help the virus’: A fourth wave is looming if US fails to contain COVID-19 variants, experts say

Why did COVID fail to take off in India and has now collapsed? Mystery plunge in coronavirus baffles experts

Daylight? A fifth of homeworkers see no daylight in the working week

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Hulu are streaming favorites as Americans subscribe to more services amid COVID-19

Denmark plans digital passport that will allow people who have had Covid vaccines to travel

CDC director warns states against dropping mask mandates amid concern about Covid mutations

Montana becomes the FOURTH state to remove its COVID mask mandate, as New York finally reopens indoor dining, seven-day average of US cases drops below 100k for the first time since November 2 and 3.2 million people are vaccinated in two days

As little as 13% of people who get the coronavirus develop symptoms, a new study suggests

Pandemic changes habits – no more sharing drinks

Florida Is a COVID Nightmare—Even for Vaccinated People

Biden suggests Americans will have to wear face masks NEXT YEAR after experts warned it may take until Thanksgiving to hit herd immunity

Sisolak says Nevada will begin return to ‘pre-pause’ pandemic restrictions starting Monday

COVID maths: All the virus in the world would fit in a coke can

CDC Says Double-Masking Offers More Protection Against The Coronavirus

Fully vaccinated people can skip Covid quarantines, CDC says

Miami Hurricanes-North Carolina Tar Heels basketball game postponed after party video surfaces

Biden administration explores sending face masks to all Americans

Bad news for hay fever sufferers! Pollen seasons start 20 days earlier, are 10 days longer, and feature 21% more pollen than in 1990 – with climate change to blame

Thousands of fans, many without masks, flood Tampa streets after Buccaneers win Super Bowl 55

President Joe Biden Says Getting to Herd Immunity Before Summer “Is Very Difficult”

Man kicked off United flight for wearing mask inspired by scuba gear

Pandemic stress stops smokers giving up as 2020 becomes first year in a decade to not record drop in sales

Coachella and Stagecoach 2021 have officially been cancelled by the Riverside Department of Public Health

Wearing three layers of face coverings – such as a surgical mask with an extra layer of fabric – blocks 90% of infectious particles, experts say

Dr. Fauci warns that getting a COVID-19 vaccine will NOT mean you have a ‘free pass to travel’ as the US fully vaccinates 3.8 million people and thousands line up to receive the jab at Dodgers Stadium

Biden administration considers mandatory COVID-19 tests for domestic air travel, official says

Are two masks better than one? Double masking ‘just makes common sense’ to help prevent COVID-19 spread, Fauci says

Fauci backs ‘double-masking’ in coronavirus fight, says ‘likely more effective’

Coronavirus face masks and hearing loss: 95% say pandemic has affected ability to communicate, survey finds

Daily use of face masks causing a variety of health issues for some Amarillo residents

Adverse Effects of Prolonged Mask Use among Healthcare Professionals during COVID-19

Mask mouth: Yes, it’s real but you CAN prevent it!

A bitter end! Godiva says it will shut down all 128 of its brick-and-mortar locations across North America as sales of famous Belgian chocolate brand fall due to COVID-19 pandemic

Bills for COVID-19 vaccine religious exemptions for children don’t pass Virginia Senate committee

Third stimulus check: GOP lawmaker wants $1,400 payment reserved for people who get COVID-19 vaccine

Budweiser becomes latest Super Bowl commercial stalwart to sit out this year’s broadcast

Biden spotted maskless on federal property hours after signing mandate

The IOC Pushed Back On The Report Japan Will Cancel The 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games (UPDATE)

Did shutting down outdoor dining spur California’s COVID-19 surge?

Doubling up on masks adds to “obstacle course” for COVID particles, research shows

‘No evidence of decline’ in COVID-19 rates in England’s third lockdown

NBA to enforce rules forbidding hugs, handshakes with midcourt security

Closed California versus open Florida, who is outperforming the other?

Dr. Scott Gottlieb estimates only about 120 million people in U.S. really want Covid vaccine

Rob Manfred: MLB teams should plan for spring training to start on time, full 162-game season to be played

Virus concerns hit Dallas, Columbus as NHL season looms

Sean Payton wanted 50,000 fans to quarantine ahead of the Saints’ home playoff game

NFL considering filling Super Bowl seats with vaccinated health care workers

Cleveland Browns’ facility remains closed as team awaits further COVID-19 test results

Over 50% of Fresno Healthcare Workers Opting Out of COVID Vaccine, Officials Say

Alcohol Reduces Immune Response to COVID-19 Vaccine

UN health agency’s advice for the holidays: Don’t hug

Everyone is already wearing a mask. They just don’t work.

Americans’ mental health sinks to a 20-year low: More than 25% of US adults say their emotional wellbeing is just ‘fair or poor’ in 2020, poll reveals

South Korea, Japan to deploy military to combat COVID-19

South Korea’s Health Minister Describes Seoul As A ‘COVID-19 War Zone’

National Restaurant Association says one in six restaurants across America – 110,000 – has closed, destroying 3.2m jobs – and 37% of the surviving eateries say they’ll have to shut in the next six months if they don’t get help

Fauci: California had no choice but to impose stay-home orders.

White House Coronavirus Task Force members Fauci, Giroir at odds over California lockdown

Covid-19 smartphone tool rolled out in California to trace virus cases

The young die as well from COVID-19, even as many engage in denial

Here’s what you can and can’t do outside in L.A. right now

Los Angeles orders more restrictions as coronavirus surges

San Francisco enters ‘purple’ tier, imposes new coronavirus lockdown measures

Rounding the corner… to calamity: US daily deaths could double to 4,000 within ten days warn experts as nation hits record 90k hospitalizations and Dr. Fauci says ‘Christmas and New Year’s won’t be any different than Thanksgiving’

‘It was a mistake that I deeply regret’: Denver Mayor Michael Hancock talks about his decision to travel for Thanksgiving

These 12 Graphs Show Mask Mandates Do Nothing To Stop COVID

Utah Gov. Announces Statewide Mask Mandate, Citing Steep Spike In COVID-19 Cases

Gottlieb says Thanksgiving could be ‘inflection point’ for winter coronavirus surge

CDC shows COVID-19 has high survival rate; doctor still wants to see precautions taken

California’s dire coronavirus prediction was wrong, hospitalizations went down instead 

Megyn Kelly joins the backlash against California Gov. Newsom’s Thanksgiving insanity that requires families to celebrate outside, wear masks when not eating and only spend two hours together

Top scientific journals reject ‘controversial’ Danish study on effectiveness of face masks against coronavirus: Report

How the United States really ranks globally with COVID-19: Charts tracking infections and deaths per capita shows US isn’t the worst – despite having the largest totals

Thanksgiving is coming. Christmas, too. Does the COVID-19 pandemic mean you should skip the traditional family gatherings? What experts say.

Top infectious disease expert warns the next 6 to 12 weeks will be the ‘darkest of the entire pandemic’ as he blasts Scott Atlas’ herd immunity claims as ‘pixie dust’

‘Bite the bullet and cancel Thanksgiving parties’: Dr Anthony Fauci warns Covid cases could spike if holiday gatherings are not sacrificed

California releases guidelines for private gatherings

Nevada officials, governor give updates on Halloween celebrations

Trick-or-treating ‘strongly discouraged’ this year, California health secretary says

VERIFY: Yes, the White House has delivered free food boxes to millions during the pandemic

New CDC Study Finds Majority of Those Infected with COVID-19 ‘Always’ Wore Masks

The US is seeing surge in Covid-19 cases. Small household gatherings are helping drive it, CDC chief says

The Great Barrington Act 

‘Like we’re going into quarantine’: Americans plan to stockpile food this fall over fears of COVID-19 surge, election unrest

COVID-19 Pandemic Will Force Mall Santas To See Children Behind Plexiglass Snow Globes, Zoom Calls

American Airlines cuts 46% – or 86,000 – flights from its November schedule while United is forced to reduce its plan by 52% – days after the top US carriers furloughed a combined 32,000 employees

Trump Says Don’t Be Afraid of COVID. Please Ignore Him.

Paris closes all bars amid spike in coronavirus among young people; UK leaves nearly 16,000 cases unreported

NYC to close schools, nonessential businesses in 9 zip codes amid rise is coronavirus cases, de Blasio says

Coronavirus may have ‘mutated to spread faster’: Scientists find strain circulating in second wave is more infectious

Coronavirus: More infectious but less deadly mutated strain D614G detected in Indonesia

New Year’s Eve ball drop in Times Square will be virtual this year

More than two dozen US universities have already canceled spring break for 2021 amid rampant coronavirus outbreaks on campuses 

Face masks could be giving people Covid-19 immunity, researchers suggest

First cases of flu hit Bay Area, marking start of a dangerous season ahead

Wisconsin declares new public health emergency after surge in coronavirus cases among young people

Has Sweden beaten coronavirus? Expert claims by refusing to shut the country down the Swedes now have ‘herd immunity’ and have avoided a second wave

Self-isolation violators in UK will face fines up to $13,000 as coronavirus cases surge

Trick-or-treating in San Francisco ‘not advised,’ Halloween guidelines coming: officials

Contra Costa County urges residents to avoid trick-or-treating this Halloween

Coronavirus lockdowns, social distancing and masks reduced FLU rates by nearly 90% in the US, CDC report reveals

WHO warns of ‘very serious situation’ in Europe, with ‘alarming rates’ of virus transmission

Coronavirus stimulus plans: What we know about the negotiations between Congress and the Trump White House

More than half of businesses that closed during the pandemic won’t reopen

Coronavirus cases across the United States decline for eight straight weeks as deaths continue to drop for a month

CDC director walks back Senate testimony that masks work BETTER against COVID-19 than vaccines after Donald Trump called him ‘confused’ and ‘mistaken’ and dismissed his claims a vaccine will NOT be available until next year

Contradicting The CDC, Trump Says COVID-19 Vaccine Could Be Ready By End Of Year

You don’t need to wipe down everything to protect yourself from the coronavirus

Is Halloween canceled? As parents and attractions gear up to celebrate, medical experts stress caution

New coronavirus map helps parents determine risk level of Halloween activities in their area

Video: ‘Christmas isn’t guaranteed this year,’ warns medical expert

Coronavirus: Fewest COVID-19 hospitalizations in California since start of pandemic

France will pay parents to stay home if schools are forced to close again amid a record 10,000 daily coronavirus infections – as hospitalisations rise but remain well below peak

Fauci: Americans can go to theaters once a vaccine has existed for ‘almost a year’

More evidence coronavirus had spread to the West BEFORE China came clean: LA doctors find evidence it may have been circulating in US MONTHS earlier than first reported case

REVEALED: A teacher who was infected at a church meeting and two others who were already in hospital are among at least four educators who have died from COVID as the school year begins

A majority of young adults in the U.S. live with their parents for the first time since the Great Depression

LA County schools won’t reopen until ‘after the election,” health director says

Noem: Study connecting 250,000 COVID-19 cases to Sturgis Rally ‘isn’t science, it’s fiction’

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally linked to 20% of US coronavirus cases in August: researchers

‘Hard to predict what’s going to happen’: COVID-19 still throwing theme park attendance for a loop

Studio Movie Grill Reopens In Rocklin As Virus Restrictions Eased In Placer County

‘Door-To-Door Trick-Or-Treating Is Not Allowed’: LA County Releases Guidelines For Halloween

One in five Americans say it’s safe to reopen schools now, survey finds

Children under 10 are 20 TIMES more likely to die in an accident than of Covid-19 – and even flu is twice as deadly to them, study reveals

Sweltering crowds throng to beaches for Labor Day weekend, despite pandemic worries

IHME model predicts 410,000 Americans could die of COVID-19 by the end of the year if people don’t continue to wear masks – as health experts warn Labor Day will determine how prevalent the virus is in the fall

De Blasio hints indoor dining won’t return in NYC until COVID-19 vaccine

Iowa just reported first coronavirus death of a child. How common is that?

A Zoom Thanksgiving? Summer could give way to a bleaker fall

‘Small events add up to a lot’: Limited gatherings quietly emerge as source of coronavirus infections

What you need to know about California’s new reopening plan

‘It’s not fair at all’: Nail, tattoo, skincare salons outraged they cannot reopen

Mutated coronavirus strain ’10 times more infectious’ but less deadly is discovered in Indonesia as Covid-19 cases surge in the country

India records biggest single-day coronavirus infection spike with 78,761 new cases

Drop in Brazilian coronavirus cases prompts herd immunity questions

Paradise lost: How Hawaii went from Covid-19 star to cautionary tale

CDC: 6% Of US COVID-19 Deaths List COVID-19 As Only Cause Of Death

Up to 90 per cent of people diagnosed with coronavirus may not be carrying enough of it to infect anyone else, study finds as experts say tests are too sensitive

Washoe health officer: Wildfire smoke increases risk of catching COVID-19

As Coronavirus Infections Rise, Masks In Paris Become Mandatory In All Public Places

COVID-19 can waft through toilets into other apartments, study finds

Don’t argue with anti-mask customers during coronavirus, CDC warns retail employees

Governor issues another sweeping ‘stay-at-home’ order on Oahu for 2 weeks

‘The hardest message’: American Airlines to lay off 17,500 frontline workers due to coronavirus travel slump

NFL puts some teams on hold while looking into COVID-19 tests from New Jersey lab

Sturgis: At least 7 coronavirus cases in Nebraska tied to motorcycle rally, report says

A person with Covid-19 may have exposed others at a bar during Sturgis motorcycle rally

South Lake Tahoe to fine people not wearing masks

Sweden’s disease expert says just wearing face masks could be ‘very dangerous’

Franklin Templeton Study: They Blinded Us from Science

Rocklin schools prepare for hybrid learning

Fauci: Temperature checks often ‘notoriously inaccurate’

Is herd immunity closer than scientists first thought? Experts now believe pockets of New York and London could be immune from Covid-19 and as few as 10% of people may need to be infected

New strain of coronavirus discovered in Malaysia could be more infectious than COVID-19: Report

The new coronavirus is mutating, but that ‘may be a good thing,’ says top expert

Masks in public restrooms? Urinals may shoot ‘plumes’ of inhalable coronavirus particles into the air

‘The death toll would be enormous,’ Fauci says of herd immunity to coronavirus in the U.S.

Lasting immunity seen after mild COVID-19 infection: report

Some people listen to health experts, others ignore them: What it means for America’s future with COVID-19

Paradise deferred? Hawaii officials ‘looking at’ delaying tourist return amid spike in COVID-19 cases

‘Pragmatic and cautious’: As some Americans avoid travel, others visit COVID-19 hot spots anyway

Americans are moving around too much and taking coronavirus with them, expert says

The CDC issues a dire warning for the fall if coronavirus measures are not followed

Could the true US coronavirus death toll be much higher? CDC data reveals there have been 200,700 excess deaths during the pandemic – 54,000 more than the 161,000 confirmed COVID fatalities 

The CDC confirms remarkably low coronavirus death rate. Where is the media?

Yer out! Major League Baseball games set to add cameras in stadiums that detect fans who are not wearing a mask as part of plans to safely reopen amid pandemic

Massachusetts health chief says residents in areas with high rates of coronavirus should wear masks inside their OWN homes

How New Zealand went 100 days with no community coronavirus transmission

‘Hard times are here’ as UK plunges into recession

Outdoor dining may save restaurants during COVID-19. But are diners at risk from cars plowing into them?

Florida sheriff forbids employees, visitors to wear masks: If they do, ‘they will be asked to leave’

Hyatt announces guests at ALL hotels must wear face masks indoors and when moving around outdoors as of today

Viking Cruises cancels sailings for the rest of 2020, cites coronavirus uncertainty

Dollar Tree, Family Dollar reverse mask policy again. Now requiring customers wear masks amid COVID-19.

Nashville city councilwoman recommends attempted murder charges for some not wearing face masks

University tells students to wear coronavirus masks during SEX to stop spread

No, Neck Gaiters Weren’t Proven to Be Worse Than No Face Mask

Sources: Power 5 conferences talking about no fall football

Sources: MLB has preliminary talks about bubble-type format for playoffs

California salon, barbershop owners vow to reopen indoor operations

Store closings, bankruptcy cases pile up for business wear retailers during COVID-19: Are dress clothes gone for good?

Disney World to cut theme park hours in September as visits drop amid COVID-19

Buffets gone forever? Caesars says yes, as merger changes Strip icon

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine tests negative on second COVID-19 test

‘Mask mouth’ is a seriously stinky side effect of wearing masks

Second wave strikes Europe? Spain reintroduces lockdown, Greece sees a worrying rise in cases and virus is ‘more active’ in Germany amid warnings France ‘could lose control at any moment’

Los Angeles Coronavirus Update: Mayor Eric Garcetti Says DWP Will Shut Off Water And Power At Homes That Throw Large Parties

Checkpoints will be set up at New York City’s tunnels and bridges to trace travelers from 35 COVID hotspot states and enforce 14-day quarantine – and anyone who flouts it risks a $10,000 fine

MLB gets serious with protocol measures after COVID-19 outbreaks on Marlins, Cardinals

The Clorox wipes shortage is expected to last into 2021

FOX 35 INVESTIGATES: Questions raised after fatal motorcycle crash listed as COVID-19 death

A Detailed Map of Who Is Wearing Masks in the U.S.

Hawaii sees another single-day record of 207 new cases of COVID-19

Horowitz: From Fort Benning to Japan and Hawaii, face masks are not working

California Coronavirus Update: Governor Gavin Newsom Warns COVID Could Impact Labor Day, Halloween And The Holidays

United States should shut down completely for another four to six weeks to save the economy, senior Federal Reserve official says

World Health Organization warns there ‘may never be a silver bullet’ for Covid-19 and says the disease kills around 0.6% of all infected patients

New Jersey Gov Phil Murphy reduces indoor gatherings from 100 to 25 people after a 700-person mansion party, graduations and beach bashes are blamed for the state’s biggest case spike in two months

Stimulus talks: Lawmakers, White House far apart on 2nd emergency aid package, sources say

The land with no face masks: Holland’s top scientists say there’s no solid evidence coverings work and warn they could even damage the fight against Covid-19

Fresno County teenager is the first California child to die because of COVID-19

Fewer Americans say they would resume daily activities as coronavirus cases increase, survey finds

Jobless claims RISE to 1.43 million for the second week in a row as new round of coronavirus shutdowns hammer economy

New Study Says People Who Social Distance Are More Intelligent

Children younger than five can spread coronavirus just as easily as older kids and adults and have up to 100 TIMES more coronavirus in their noses – but only develop mild illness, study finds

Heart damage found in coronavirus patients months after recovering from COVID-19, study says

She’s only 27 — and COVID-19 nearly killed her. Why young adults need to take this seriously

The Covid baby bust: Americans are NOT getting pregnant amid the pandemic as experts warn already declining fertility could plummet further

‘Tidal Wave’ Of Power Shut-Offs Looms As Nation Grapples With Heat

FDA opens door to rapid, at-home testing for COVID-19

Lockdown-free Sweden is seeing a ‘very positive’ downward trend in cases, country’s coronavirus expert reveals as he dismisses wearing masks on public transport as ‘pointless’

South Korea’s rapid coronavirus testing, far ahead of the U.S., could be saving lives

Dr. Fauci: Wear goggles or eye shields to prevent spread of COVID-19; flu vaccine a must

Dr. Fauci says kids over 9 years old can transmit the coronavirus as well as adults as some schools reopen

Meadows: ‘Not optimistic’ on COVID-19 stimulus deal, as lawmakers debate unemployment boost

‘The virus beat us’: Colleges are increasingly going online for fall 2020 semester as COVID-19 cases rise

Nevada scraps phased reopening plan, takes new approach

Report: Walmart, other stores to allow people refusing masks to shop out of concern for employees

McDonald’s to require customers wear masks at all U.S. restaurants starting Aug. 1 as COVID-19 cases increase

Lockdowns DON’T work, study claims: Researchers say stay-at-home orders made no difference to coronavirus deaths around the world – but prior health levels DID

British experts say turn OFF air conditioning to reduce risk of spreading coronavirus as WHO admits pathogen can spread through tiny floating droplets

Close the Lid! Flushing Toilets Spreads Coronavirus: Study

Thanks to coronavirus, Americans looking at a stay-at-home fall season, survey suggests

Beware the COVID menu police: California cracks down on outdoor restaurants with new rule that requires customers to order a ‘meal’ with alcohol – and wings, cheese sticks, calamari and fries are NOT considered meals

Lowe’s ‘won’t put employee safety at risk’ by making them enforce mask mandate after violent clashes erupted in other stores

New Mexico governor asks colleges to postpone fall sports

Tokyo 2020 Olympics will now take place in July 2021, due to coronavirus

NFL will require all fans attending games in 2020 to wear face coverings

NFL will require fans to wear masks after the Giants, Jets and Eagles banned spectators due to coronavirus

NBA announces zero positive Covid-19 test results after over a week inside the Disney bubble

CA releases guidelines for personal care services, including hair and nail salons, to operate outdoors

WCSD teachers, principals oppose reopen plan, want all distance learning for first 9 weeks

85 babies under 1 year old in Nueces County have tested positive for COVID-19 since mid-March

Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis is ‘uncertain’ there will be a 2020 season amid the pandemic and says he will likely ban fans from the new stadium

High school fall sports delayed in NorCal

Marriott will require guests to wear masks in lobbies, other public spaces: ‘Protect one another’

Disney World tightens face mask requirement: No eating while walking

School Children Don’t Spread Coronavirus, French Study Shows

Children rarely transmit COVID-19, doctors write in new commentary

Yes, schools are closed, but the evidence still shows kids are unlikely to catch or spread coronavirus

Gov. Newsom orders California schools to stay closed to in-class instruction in counties on the state’s COVID-19 monitoring list

Scientists identify six different ‘types’ of Covid-19 each based on ‘cluster of symptoms’ which will help monitor those must vulnerable to catching it

WCSD releases plan for bringing students back to class in the fall

Stanislaus County schools to adopt distance learning model amid increase in COVID-19 cases

It’s official: Sacramento County public schools won’t reopen this fall

Orange County school Board of Education wants schools to reopen, no social distancing: report

Face masks in shops to be compulsory in England, as experts warn of 120,000 winter deaths

Florida Department of Health confirms some labs weren’t reporting negative coronavirus tests

SWFL hospitals shown as testing 100% positive for COVID-19, but they say that’s wrong

Rocklin church says it will defy order limiting services during pandemic

Best Buy to start requiring shoppers wear masks in stores nationwide as COVID-19 cases rise

Will Walmart require shoppers to wear masks nationwide? CEO says mandate is ‘something on our minds’

Newsom closes indoor businesses statewide; clamps down further on some counties

Palazzo Las Vegas to stop taking weekday reservations

‘A gut punch’: United Airlines to lay off up to 36,000 U.S. employees in October as travel remains depressed

Nearly half the U.S. population is without a job as spike in new coronavirus cases sparks fears of further shutdowns and lay-offs

Scratch that August trip to Hawaii. The state just extended its quarantine until Sept. 1

How risky is going to the mall or traveling by plane? 14 Texas experts rank daily activities

Young Americans Are Partying Hard and Spreading Covid-19 Quickly

Many of Nevada’s bars are closing again. Are casinos next? Here’s what we know.

CA orders Placer County to close several businesses, halt indoor operations

Colorado town threatens a year in jail for residents who refuse to wear masks

Monmouth Poll Shows COVID-19 Worries Rise

89% of Americans wear masks in public as the coronavirus pandemic persists: POLL

Majority Of Americans Support Closing Down Economy Again Over Coronavirus Spike: Poll

As Florida’s COVID-19 cases rise, deaths and hospitalizations plummet

Wallets Are Already On Lockdown: People Pare Spending As Sunbelt Cases Surge

Business groups make nationwide push for masks

Mask Facts

Start Buying Masks For Every Season Because Virus Experts Claim We’ll Be Wearing Them For ‘Several Years’

Requiring face masks nationwide could save US economy from 5% hit, Goldman Sachs predicts

Is California’s mandatory face mask order legal?

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Anyone making COVID-19 masks a ‘political issue is an absolute moron’

Face masks required in Florida Keys until June 2021

Gavin Newsom considering statewide mask order for California, county officials say

Fauci Confirms Public-Health Experts Downplayed Efficacy of Masks to Ensure They Would Be Available to Health-care Workers

A revolt against wearing masks creates a new coronavirus danger as California reopens

Stanislaus County expected to issue mandatory masks order as coronavirus cases spike

Masks Don’t Work: A Review of Science Relevant to COVID-19 Social Policy

Major airlines stepping up face mask enforcement for passengers

DeSantis says state not ‘rolling back’ amid uptick in cases: report

Florida, Arizona and Texas report record number of daily Covid-19 cases this week

CDC warns U.S. may reimplement strict coronavirus measures if cases go up ‘dramatically’

Why a 2nd shutdown over coronavirus might be worse than the 1st — and how to prevent it

Many health officials are OK with police protests despite COVID-19

United Airlines creates ‘internal travel restriction list’ for fliers who won’t wear masks

Gov. Steve Sisolak: Nevada not ready for Phase 3 of reopening

More people need to wear face coverings in public, state says

Study: 100% face mask use could crush second, third COVID-19 wave

Arizona coronavirus cases nearly double since Memorial Day as state nears hospital capacity

100,000 more Americans will die from coronavirus before September – double the current number – Harvard expert warns, as the number of US cases surpasses two million

OC Residents Demand Board Of Supervisors Drop Face Mask Requirement

Arizona, one of the earliest states to reopen, gains national attention for COVID-19 cases

What is the TRUE death rate of Covid-19? Scientist claims 0.25% of infected patients may die from the disease — making it four times less lethal than feared (but admits it could be as high as 0.78%)

Are more store closings coming? As many as 25,000 stores could shutter in 2020 due to COVID-19 impact

Evictions expected to spike as states end moratoriums that offered relief during COVID-19

Hugging less risky than handshaking as coronavirus lockdown relaxes: virologist

Future of flying? Anti-coronavirus personal protection shield for plane seats that is set to be ready for aircraft use by mid-June (so airlines won’t need to block middle seats)

Movie Theaters Set to Reopen This Week in California, but You’re Not Gonna Like It

No Masks, Social Distance: Las Vegas Reopening its Casinos amid Pandemic Has Made Everyone Anxious

WHO warns coronavirus pandemic is ‘worsening,’ encourages protesting safely

Wait… so, asymptomatic spread of the coronavirus is actually ‘very rare’?

California OKs movie theaters to reopen with limited seats

WHO says it’s ‘rare’ for asymptomatic people to spread the coronavirus — but public-health experts say the reality is more complicated

CDC: Americans desperate to kill coronavirus are dangerously mixing cleaners, bleaching food

Summerfest canceled over coronavirus concerns, Dave Matthews Band and others to play in 2021

Coronavirus cases on the rise in California, several other states: report

California to allow schools, gyms and bars to reopen next week

Dr. Fauci says George Floyd protests provide ‘perfect recipe’ for new coronavirus surges

Suddenly, Public Health Officials Say Social Justice Matters More Than Social Distance

No new coronavirus cases reported in Lake of the Ozarks partiers, health official says

Couples should wear face masks during sex, new study insists

New coronavirus losing potency, top Italian doctor says

Universal Parks Offer Rest Areas for Mask Removal and Relaxation

Coronavirus cases in Austin, Texas have significantly increased since reopening, hospitalizations remain low

The data is in — stop the panic and end the total isolation

Sonoma County health officer declares no more businesses reopening for two weeks

Colusa County officials not enforcing stay-at-home orders

Cheyenne Frontier Days canceled for first time in 124 years

Boston Marathon canceled for the first time in 124-year history

Santa Clara health officer suggests California is reopening too soon

Virginia mandates coronavirus face masks as state sees biggest daily spike in new cases

Lockdown parties in Hollywood Hills are ‘out of control’: LAPD says rental homes are being turned into clubs and threaten to arrest owners for loud music, screams at 3am and public urination

Thunder Valley casino plans June reopening

California allows some reopening of barbershops, hair salons

UPDATES: Sisolak says Phase 2 reopening to begin Friday, includes bars, spas, gyms, more

Sonoma County to require cellphone app, temperature checks for employees returning to the workplace

Las Vegas to reopen casinos — with restrictions

Lockdown was a waste of time and could kill more than it saved, claims Nobel laureate scientist at Stanford University

Cuomo admits ‘we all failed’ at making coronavirus projections

Dr. Atlas on coronavirus lockdowns: ‘The policy … is killing people’

The CDC’s New ‘Best Estimate’ Implies a COVID-19 Infection Fatality Rate Below 0.3%

Suicides on the rise amid stay-at-home order, Bay Area medical professionals say

Reopening reality check: Georgia’s jobs aren’t flooding back

Colorado Gov. Polis pushes back against CDC’s coronavirus death counts

Antibody testing now suggests 185,000 Angelinos have had coronavirus as USC scientists walk back their initial estimate – but say there are STILL 23 times more people infected than the official tally

Analysis raises questions about coronavirus shutdown’s effectiveness

TSA announces changes to airport screenings amid pandemic including self-scanning of boarding passes and plastic shields around staff – but passengers WON’T have their temperature checked

CDC now says coronavirus ‘does not spread easily’ via contaminated surfaces

Tulare County defies California health orders with reopening

Future Air Travel: Four-Hour Process, Self Check-In, Disinfection, Immunity Passes

JetBlue blocking middle seats through Fourth of July as airlines face backlash for not social distancing

The future of air travel: Planes will be diverted if passengers refuse to wear masks, people sitting at the back will be seated first, more layovers and no in-flight magazines

California Coronavirus Update: Governor Gavin Newsom Relaxing Some Restrictions For Reopening; Sports, In-Store Retail Could Be Next

Stores stress over how to handle a customer who won’t wear a mask

Restaurants are struggling to welcome back diners in states that have reopened with reservations down at least 82% – as experts warn one in four eateries won’t recover from COVID-19 shutdowns

US virus numbers now include probable cases without tests

Gov. Cuomo extends New York’s stay-at-home order until June 13

Los Angeles residents must wear masks outside home, Garcetti says

Uber to require drivers and riders to wear face masks, open windows for ventilation

12 California counties get OK to more quickly reopen

5 SoCal counties have 73% of all California COVID-19 cases — and 80% of hospitalizations

Ferrer: L.A. County likely to extend stay-home orders for another 3 months

First in nation, California State University to close campuses for in-person instruction this fall

Nevada casinos will look different when they reopen. Here’s what you need to know.

El Dorado County works to move faster through Stage 2 reopening plan

California Governor Newsom delays reopening county after thousands attend rodeo

Nevadans find many businesses closed during Phase One of reopening

US death rate for coronavirus is 1.3% – TEN TIMES more fatal than the seasonal flu but less deadly than the WHO’s initial prediction of 2%

VIDEO: Ngozi Ezike explains how COVID19 deaths are classified

Unreleased White House report shows coronavirus rates spiking in heartland communities

Dr. Fauci reportedly to testify reopening too early risks ‘needless suffering and death’ from coronavirus

Coronavirus: California cases, deaths rising more than expected, projections show

COVID-19 expert: Coronavirus will rage ‘until it infects everybody it possibly can’

Effectiveness of Surgical and Cotton Masks in Blocking SARS–CoV-2: A Controlled Comparison in 4 Patients

Three counties could lose disaster aid, California governor warns

‘Reimagined experience’: Bay Area fitness clubs, gyms prepare for reopening after COVID-19 restrictions ease

Empty parking lots, deserted food courts and shuttered play areas: Malls across America resemble ghost towns as they reopen to a virus weary public reeling from historic job losses

Two-thirds of Americans worry their states are reopening too soon, poll shows

More than half of America’s small businesses expect to close within six months because of coronavirus, shocking new study claims

Americans more worried about reopening too quickly than not opening quickly enough, survey says

Editorial: Rush to reopen California’s economy is a mistake

California restaurants could lose liquor licenses if they reopen too soon

Sisolak: Phase 1 reopening begins 12:01 a.m. Saturday, May 9 following COVID-19 closures

Economy loses 20.5M jobs and unemployment soars to 14.7% in April as coronavirus pandemic spreads

LAX to Require Face Masks as TSA Weighs Nationwide Policy

Coronavirus: Americans widely oppose reopening most businesses, poll finds

Auburn, Placer County work toward looser restrictions as Phase 2 nears

Health director: Sacramento restaurants could reopen for dine-in next week

Sacramento County considers COVID-19 face mask health order

Report: Washoe County still short of hitting reopening benchmarks

Costco limits number of beef, poultry and pork products customers can buy as meat supplies are on track to hit historic lows

Pence confirms coronavirus task force winding down — but they forgot to tell Fauci

Watch now: Pritzker says ‘no other way’ to curb coronavirus than stay-at-home restrictions. Others disagree.

Key coronavirus model will revise projections to nearly 135,000 US deaths

Why Sweden’s relaxed stance toward coronavirus will be difficult to replicate elsewhere, Goldman Sachs analysts say

The Trump administration is privately predicting the daily coronavirus death toll will almost double over the next month, with new infections increasing from 25,000 per day to 200,000

California’s reopening will come in 4 phases: What you need to know

‘I cannot read their lips’: The deaf community faces another communication hurdle as face masks become the new normal

Exclusive: Uber will soon require drivers and riders to wear face coverings in the US

US airlines mandate face masks, including American, Delta, United, Southwest

Ohio governor says he went back on his order requiring customers to wear face masks in stores because it was ‘a bridge too far’

Hotel industry issues coronavirus safety guidelines ahead of anticipated travel surge

Shopping malls could reopen soon. Here are the changes you can expect.

Haircut? Sure. Flying? Maybe not. As states reopen, Americans more comfortable with small steps, survey shows

Disney World and Disneyland reopenings are still uncertain. Here’s what the parks could look like when they do

The new normal? US airlines announce requirements for passengers to wear face masks

Macy’s will start reopening stores on Monday 5/4/20

Costco to require all customers to wear face masks, return to regular hours starting Monday 5/4/20

Newport Beach council votes to keep beaches open, despite crowds and rebuke from Newsom

California governor to order all state parks, beaches closed, memo says

Fauci Calls Data From Gilead Virus-Drug Trial ‘Good News’

Sacramento County extends health order through May 22, some restrictions relaxed

Sisolak extends stay-at-home order, allows retail curbside pickup, drive-in church services

California governor outlines state’s phased reopening plan

What schools will look like when they reopen: Scheduled days home, more online learning, lots of hand-washing

Masks, temperature checks mark ‘new normal’ at restaurants

JetBlue mandates passengers wear face masks for flights beginning May 4

Colorado and Nevada join Western States Pact as states work on unified coronavirus strategy

Deborah Birx says “social distancing will be with us through the summer”

These are the 6 new possible symptoms of the coronavirus the CDC added to its list

Sweden may reach ‘herd immunity’ in weeks as the country resists total lockdown

Coronavirus in Sweden: What the data shows about the hands-off and deeply divisive approach to the Covid-19 outbreak

New York antibody study estimates 13.9% of residents have had the coronavirus, Gov. Cuomo says

Illinois Gov. Pritzker extends stay-at-home order through end of May

‘Pandemic drone’ test flights are monitoring social distancing

California takes small step toward reopening amid outbreak

Most Americans support extending coronavirus stay-at-home orders, poll finds

US states are WEEKS away from safely lifting lockdown restrictions, new model shows – as it’s revealed NONE of the five states that have declared they will reopen have met White House guidelines that call for a two week decline in coronavirus cases

As states grapple with reopening their economies, Trump says part of Georgia’s plan is ‘just too soon’

Proposal: You Get A $2,000 Stimulus Check Every Month

What states require coronavirus face masks in public?

CHP to deny all event permits at state Capitol following stay-at-home protest

Placerville writing letter to Gov. Newsom urging flexibility in reopening state

Kentucky sees spike in coronavirus cases, prompting Beshear to keep lockdown in place despite protests

Sisolak: Schools closed for remainder of 2019-20 year, details criteria to reopen economy

At least 37 states and Washington, DC have ordered or recommended that schools don’t reopen this academic year

Experts say it may be time for grocery stores to ban customers from coming inside because of Covid-19

Air Canada Customers Required to Have Protective Face Coverings as Additional Safeguard

New York City extends cancellation of summer festivals, concerts and parades through June

Facebook will take down some, but not all, posts promoting anti-stay-at-home protests

Poll: Majority fear coronavirus restrictions will be lifted too soon

Governors face tough decisions as coronavirus lockdowns set to expire by May 1

Hair salon responds to Gov. Kemp reopening non-essential businesses

Retail stores in South Carolina prepare to welcome customers back, follow social distancing guidelines

Georgia, Tennessee, SC announce plans to reopen some businesses, wind down coronavirus stay-at-home orders

Testing shows hundreds of thousands in LA County may have been infected with coronavirus

Antibody tests could be key to reopening the country. Here’s how they work.

Way more people may have gotten coronavirus than we thought, small antibody study suggests

Photos show health care workers in masks blocking parade of lockdown protesters in Colorado

We’ve never made a successful vaccine for a coronavirus before. This is why it’s so difficult

De Blasio: New Yorkers can report social distancing violations by texting photos to authorities

Protests erupt again over coronavirus shelter-in-place orders. Here’s why governors aren’t budging

Where are you required to wear a face mask? More and more states, cities and towns making it a rule

Most Americans Say Trump Was Too Slow in Initial Response to Coronavirus Threat

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine says Ohio will begin to reopen after coronavirus May 1

Las Vegas mayor: ‘Open our city. Being closed is killing us’

U.S. states extend coronavirus shutdown, Trump unveils plan for return

Trump completes reversal, telling govs ‘you are going to call your own shots’ and distributes new guidelines

Thousands of US medical workers furloughed, laid off as routine patient visits drop during coronavirus pandemic

US farmers estimated to lose $20 billion in 2020 due to coronavirus crisis

Los Angeles mayor says large gatherings like concerts and sporting events may not come back until 2021

New Yorkers MUST now wear face masks in public as Cuomo unveils ‘blueprint’ for reopening the economy based on how essential a business is and if it can keep employees 6ft apart after record drop in hospitalizations

NYC death toll jumps by 3,700 after uncounted fatalities are added

Drinking alcohol may heighten risk of getting coronavirus, WHO suggests

Sources believe coronavirus outbreak originated in Wuhan lab as part of China’s efforts to compete with US

Coronavirus stay-at-home orders stir protests nationwide amid fears of economic collapse

California Gov. Gavin Newsom unveils guide to lifting state’s coronavirus restrictions

Dr. Anthony Fauci sees path for sports to come back without fans

Sonoma County health officer orders residents to wear face coverings

Fauci says US ‘not there yet’ on reopening economy, May 1 target a ‘bit’ too optimistic

More than 2,100 US cities brace for huge budget shortfalls that will lead to thousands of layoffs, cuts in vital services and less cops on the streets during the coronavirus pandemic

Trump’s name will be added to stimulus checks

Report: California Gov. Gavin Newsom asked Disney to shut down UFC 249

Trump spars with CBS reporter, calls her ‘disgraceful’ for questioning early coronavirus response

California town’s coronavirus mask orders stir complaints of government overreach, ‘nanny state’: report

Austin, Travis County Extend Stay-At-Home Orders, Require Public To Wear Face Coverings

Michigan stores are stopping the sale of “non-essential” items

Vermont prohibits in-person sales of nonessential items at big-box retailers

California is days away from its projected coronavirus peak. Here’s how the state prepared to ‘bend the curve.’

America should brace itself for 18 MONTHS of shutdowns as US economy faces ‘long, hard road’ to recovery from coronavirus pandemic, Federal Reserve President warns

Coronavirus has ‘reactivated’ in more than 100 South Koreans who recovered

‘We don’t have a king:’ Trump’s claim of ‘total’ authority over states gets pushback across spectrum

Newsom: West Coast states are readying to reopen economies, together

Governors on East and West coasts form pacts to decide when to reopen economies

No, You Did Not Get COVID-19 in the Fall of 2019

Coronavirus began spreading in California as early as December, official says

Police take license numbers, issue notices as Kentucky church holds in-person Easter service

Kentucky gov. announces mandatory quarantine for anyone who attends Easter services

Connecticut Gov. Lamont extends closures, social distancing guidelines through May 20

DC mayor says local peak in coronavirus cases likely in June

Dr Fauci says the US could return to a ‘real degree of normality’ by November even as US death toll rises to highest in the world

Face masks: Not everyone is wearing them as required in Los Angeles

More than half of Americans now wearing face masks as coronavirus spreads

Nevada governor orders new COVID19 closures: ‘This is not a game. People are dying’

New study investigates California’s possible herd immunity to COVID-19

Meet the former NYT reporter who is challenging the coronavirus narrative

California residents eye possibility of months of restrictions over coronavirus: report

New York City mayor warns that coronavirus restrictions may last until June: Time to ‘double down’

Dr. Fauci says Americans should never shake hands again due to coronavirus

Chains like Subway and Panera are selling groceries, including loaves of bread, milk, and even toilet paper, as grocery stores struggle with shortages and long wait times


Kushner’s team seeks national coronavirus surveillance system

All Sacramento County parks will close this Easter weekend to fight coronavirus spread

Walmart, Target, Costco ordered to stop in-person sales of nonessential items in Vermont

Los Angeles Makes Masks Mandatory For Workers & Customers In Stores & Other Essential Businesses

Report: U.S. Postal Service could shut down by June

Law and order fears for NYC as nearly 10,000 NYPD and FDNY members call out sick amid a rise in burglaries

Andrew Cuomo raises fine for not social distancing to $1,000

Poll: COVID-19 Affecting Mental Health of Many Americans

Wisconsin farmers forced to dump milk as coronavirus slams a fragile dairy economy

France’s coronavirus lockdown offers a preview of restrictions we may see in America

Tony Fauci says Washington ‘essentially’ recommends the whole nation stay at home as he condemns state exemptions like those for hair salons and florists

Fauci: ‘I don’t understand why’ every state hasn’t issued stay-at-home orders

About 90% of Americans have been ordered to stay at home. This map shows which cities and states are under lockdown.

Half the world in lockdown: 3.9 billion people are currently called on to stay in their homes due to coronavirus

Parents look to create a ‘magical’ Easter, as coronavirus changes the holiday celebration

71 infected with coronavirus at Sacramento church. Congregation tells county ‘leave us alone’

Health alert: One-third of coronavirus cases in Sacramento County are connected to churches

Washington governor extends ‘stay home’ order until May 4, says it’s ‘absolutely the soonest’ state could re-open

Rotting corpses litter Ecuador streets as coronavirus spreads

Some Americans could wait 20 weeks to receive stimulus checks, IRS tells House Democrats

Treasury backs off requirement that Social Security recipients, others take extra step to get $1,200 checks

Average car loan now 70 months as zero percent interest deals grow during coronavirus crisis

CDC Will Recommend Wearing A Cloth Mask Whenever You Leave Home

San Francisco reverses ban on plastic bags, now bars reusable totes

Police shut down Hobby Lobby stores in the Midwest that reopened in defiance of coronavirus restrictions despite being declared nonessential

New Jersey Man, 100, Charged With Violating State’s Coronavirus Emergency Rules

California engineer derails train over suspicion about coronavirus aid ship USNS Mercy, feds say

Man wearing ‘I have the Coronavirus’ sign sprays Lysol on produce at Joliet Walmart, causing $10K of damage: police

Coronavirus Latest: Nearly 2K COVID-19 Cases Reported In Maryland, 31 Deaths

Nation’s top coronavirus expert Dr. Anthony Fauci forced to beef up security as death threats increase

Coronavirus is now the third leading cause of death in the US, doctor says

Coronavirus hits California nursing home, infecting more than 50 people

‘We are on the verge of a massive collapse’: Ex-Energy Secretary Perry says COVID-19 will ravage oil industry

More than half of Reno-Sparks conventions canceled or postponed, RSCVA facing steep cuts

Jobless claims will be huge, but millions more are expected from the ‘earthquake shaking the whole country’

MLB to pay veteran players more than $4,000 daily during season stoppage: report

Costco changing membership policy to further control how many people are in the warehouse at one time

NFL planning to begin 2020 NFL season as scheduled

Michael Jordan series on ESPN, ‘The Last Dance,’ moved up to April

Woman, 86, dies after knocked to ground at NYC hospital for violating coronavirus social distancing: report

Study: Ibuprofen Among Drugs Found Safe To Use In Treatment Of Coronavirus

Second pastor charged with violating public orders says church doors will still be open on Sunday

Shocking moment huge line of police officers disperse 40 party-goers from one-year-old girl’s birthday in LA after citywide shutdown amid coronavirus

Man charged with assault accused of coughing on people at Santa Fe store

Fauci: Mask-wearing recommendation under ‘very serious consideration’

Wear a SCARF: Donald Trump tells people to cover their faces ‘if they want to do it’ as he acknowledges there are NOT enough masks to recommend that everyone wear one when they go outside

Dr. Siegel: Why wearing gloves at grocery store is not necessarily a good idea

German official: Wimbledon will be canceled this week — the first time since World War II

Mnuchin lays out when Americans can expect their coronavirus rescue package checks

Coronavirus stimulus check scams are out to swindle you out of $1,200: What you need to know

Macy’s will furlough the majority of its 125,000 employees

Trump tried to flex by asking a reporter about the population of Seoul. Then he got it wrong by 28 million.

‘We’re not playing around’: Md. Gov. Hogan says arrest for coronavirus offense sends ‘great message’

Pastor of Florida megachurch is arrested for continuing to hold Sunday services with hundreds of worshippers despite social distancing orders put in place to stop the spread of coronavirus

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam issues ‘stay-at-home’ executive order

Texas governor mandates 14-day coronavirus quarantine for travelers from 7 more states, cities

Chicago cops disperse crowd at church for violating coronavirus stay-at-home order

Coronavirus: Three out of four Americans under some form of lockdown

FOX’s ‘Living Room Concert’ raises nearly $8M for coronavirus relief, attracts almost 9 million TV viewers

The stimulus check won’t be in the mail for Americans who owe child support

All You Wanted To Know About Those Tax Stimulus Checks But Were Afraid To Ask

Rhode Island begins door to door checks for New Yorkers fleeing coronavirus

500 more cops call out sick, NYPD without 11 percent of patrol

Phoenix police commander killed, 2 others wounded in shooting

China Closed All Its Movie Theaters Again

When will stores reopen in coronavirus pandemic? Not soon. Some are closed indefinitely.

Disney World, Disneyland to stay closed indefinitely amid coronavirus pandemic

Instacart makes more changes ahead of planned worker strike

ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit would be ‘shocked’ if there’s college football or NFL this fall

MLB players open to games without fans amid coronavirus uncertainty, union chief says

Polls Find Growing Agreement On Seriousness Of Coronavirus Threat

Poll: Americans want a national lockdown

Surgeon General says some states will still be battling coronavirus by LABOR DAY and that it’ll travel through the country in yet another rejection of Trump’s ‘Easter’ deadline

USPS could shut down by June: Americans may not be able to get their mail-order prescription drugs, 25% of voting ballots and Social Security checks due to coronavirus

Can your boss make you come to work during coronavirus outbreak?

GM cuts white-collar salaries 20%, furloughs 6,500 in U.S.

What Happens if You Violate Stay-at-Home Order? Police Say Warnings, Fines or Even Arrests

GM extends shutdown indefinitely; Fiat Chrysler, Ford could reopen plants by April 14

Will you get a stimulus check if you receive Social Security or disability, or didn’t file a tax return?

McDonald’s pulls all-day breakfast menu to ‘simplify operations’ amid coronavirus pandemic

Your phone can tell you how well people in your community are practicing social distancing

Pregnant women face new concerns amid coronavirus pandemic

MLB and players’ union moving closer to agreement; season could extend into late November

More police are getting coronavirus, that could be bad news for public safety in the US

FBI warns white supremacists encouraging members to spread coronavirus to law enforcement, Jews: report

40 people in Connecticut exposed to coronavirus at a party, officials say

A group of young adults held a coronavirus party in Kentucky to defy orders to socially distance. Now one of them has coronavirus

Spring break partier apologizes after viral ‘if I get corona, I get corona’ comment

Pennsylvania grocery store loses estimated $35K in food after woman’s ‘twisted’ coronavirus prank, co-owner says

Man who said he had coronavirus coughed on Wegmans worker, charged with making terroristic threat

$1,200 cash payments, help for businesses: Here’s what’s in the historic stimulus package for coronavirus

Colorado Under Stay At Home Order — What You Can And Cannot Do Under Gov. Polis’ Official Order

Preventing coronavirus spread: Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons among grocers adding sneeze guards

Lady Gaga postpones album due to coronavirus pandemic, urges fans to ‘all stay home’

Need a refund on those tickets to NBA, NHL or baseball games? Hold that thought

Roger Goodell issues memo telling NFL teams to close facilities effective Wednesday

Trump to postpone Real ID deadline because of coronavirus, giving relief to California DMV

Arizona man dies, wife critical after ingesting chloroquine phosphate in hopes of preventing COVID-19

Why Hoarding Of Hydroxychloroquine Needs To Stop

Pence: FDA approving ‘off-label’ use for hydroxychloroquine to help coronavirus patients

Scientists say the coronavirus is not mutating quickly and might respond to a single vaccine

White House, Senate reach historic $2 trillion stimulus deal amid growing coronavirus fears

Florida governor mandates self-quarantine for travelers coming from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut

California’s Governor Newsom shuts beach parking lots and says lockdown will go on for THREE MONTHS

‘No functioning economy unless we control the virus’: Lindsey Graham, Liz Cheney warn Trump not to ease guidelines

US on track to become next coronavirus epicenter, but there’s time to reverse course, health official says

Trump calls for restarting economy by Easter: ‘We have to get back to work’

Plastic bag ban enforcement delayed amid coronavirus concerns

Christian blogger says God is using the coronavirus to push women ‘back into their homes with their children’

ISIS tells its terrorists not to travel to Europe for jihad — because of coronavirus

India’s prime minister orders lockdown of country of 1.3 billion people for 21 days

NYC Health Department gets graphic in coronavirus sex memo

Smoking hot! Cam girl, 25, who earns $1,000 a month from SMOKING for her viewers says the COVID-19 pandemic has boosted her business as people at home look for entertainment online

Crowds packed California beaches despite shelter in place order

Surgeon General Tells U.S.: ‘This Week It’s Going To Get Bad’

How several states hunkered down the same day Trump promoted going back to normal

Neil Diamond updates ‘Sweet Caroline’ into coronavirus PSA: ‘Hands… washing hands’

Trump: Student loan borrowers can suspend payments for 60 days without interest

Olympics CHAOS as Games chiefs delay decision on postponement for four weeks – despite admitting for the first time it could be called off – with Brits leading demands for a quicker resolution

Five students at University of Tampa test positive for coronavirus after traveling for spring break

Oklahoma governor who faced backlash over ‘packed’ restaurant tweet now declares state of emergency

Hawaii Imposes Mandatory 14-Day Quarantine For All Arrivals

More than 167 MILLION Americans are now under lockdown after Ohio and Louisiana ordered all residents to stay at home to slow the spread of coronavirus