Review: The Flash

Brandon’s Movie Review:
The Flash

“The Flash,” starring Ezra Miller and featuring the reprised role of Batman played by Michael Keaton, is a thrilling and nostalgic superhero film that captures the essence of the beloved comic book characters. As a childhood favorite of mine, it was exciting to see Michael Keaton donning the cape and cowl once again, and his presence added an extra layer of nostalgia to the movie.

One aspect of “The Flash” that stood out was its heavy reliance on CGI, which at times went over the top. While the visual effects were impressive and showcased the Flash’s incredible speed and abilities, there were moments when the CGI felt excessive and distracted from the story.

What sets “The Flash” apart is its homage to the iconic film “Back to the Future.” Throughout the movie, there are clever references to the classic time-traveling adventure, how its theory of bending timelines was inherently wrong, including a playful nod to Eric Stoltz, who was originally cast as Marty McFly before being replaced by Michael J. Fox. These references add a layer of fun and nostalgia for fans of  “Back to the Future.”

Humor plays a significant role in “The Flash,” bringing levity to the story. Ezra Miller’s portrayal of Barry Allen/The Flash injects a lighthearted and quirky charm into the film, delivering comedic moments that often land successfully. The humor helps to balance the more serious elements of the story, making it an enjoyable watch overall.

One surprising highlight of the movie was Supergirl (Superman’s cousin), portrayed by Latina actress Sasha Calle who brings a captivating and impressive portrayal of the character. Her inclusion in the film was a pleasant surprise and a welcome addition to the DC Extended Universe.

“The Flash” also helps to rectify the disappointments of the recent adaptation of the Justice League, where Gal Gadot portrayed Wonder Woman and Ben Affleck portrayed Batman. While not explicitly mentioned, the film subtly acknowledges the need to move on from that iteration, indicating a fresh start for the characters and the franchise as a whole.

However, there were moments in the movie that felt forced and out of place. Creepy and cheesy CGI appearances from the late Christopher Reeve and Nicolas Cage as alternate universe Supermen detracted from the overall experience. While the intention might have been to pay tribute to these iconic actors and their roles, the execution came across as desperate.

“The Flash” is an enjoyable superhero film that combines nostalgia, humor, and impressive visual effects. While the heavy reliance on CGI occasionally goes over the top, the movie captures the essence of the Flash and Batman, with Michael Keaton’s return as Batman being a particular highlight. The nods to “Back to the Future” and the unexpected impressiveness of Supergirl enhance the overall experience. However, the film falls short of being a must-see in theaters, making it worth watching but not rushing out to catch on the big screen.

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