The Dirt

Dawn’s Review of “The Dirt” on Netflix:

The 80’s, what a blur they were!! 1982 – 1989 I was high as f*c! Wired from crank or coke while also tripping on shrooms! Naturally I wanted to check out The Dirt….my girlfriends and I loved Motley Crue saw them several times in concert and that band just screamed 80’s rock. I felt the Nostaglia kicking in as I started to watch this movie based on their life.

They did a good job showing how fucked up these guys were on drugs and alcohol and just how freaking out of control they were on tour…a lot of their craziness they showed on the road was funny and sad all in one.  Destroying hotel rooms, waking up not remembering anything from the night before and being in a consistent state of high.

Nikki Sixx being declared dead from a heroin overdose only to come home and shoot up again, the car accident where Vince Neil was responsible for drummer Razzle’s death, the super sad death of Vince Neil’s 4 year old daughter, the major health problems Mick Mars dealt with daily and the messed up relationships Tommy Lee would find himself in…they covered alot of this stuff, although  I found myself wanting more from each story, I was hoping for some of the Tommy Lee/Pam Anderson days!! Some of the story lines felt a bit rushed and incomplete….

I love the show Billions on Showtime, one of my favorite characters is a guy named Wags, so it was great seeing him play Motley Crue’s manager, obviously I wanted to see more of him! The dude that played Mick Mars is from Game of Thrones and the guy that played Tommy Lee is rapper Machine Gun Kelly,  I know this because one of my nieces who is 23 was watching with me and she pointed this out!!! For those of you like myself who aren’t big fans of Pete Davidson who plays a record executive in the movie, he does an okay job and from what Rob has told us some record executives can be douche bags soooo theres that!!

It was a hot and cold experience for me, I didn’t totally love it but I didn’t hate it either so a sideways thumb seems about right!!

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