The Boys (Amazon Prime)

Brandon’s Review: 

The Boys, an Amazon Prime original: *SPOILERS* ahead… This show is made for those of you who are fed up with superheroes,  can’t stand the amount of altruism, and need a dose of reality. It’s a look at what a modern day “Supe” would really look like. They’re not independent, they’re owned, reduced to numbers and likes, Social Media rules their every move, as well as Madelyn Stilwell…she’s their manager, handler, boss. She doesn’t actually have control of them like she believes. “Homelander” is played by Antony Starr, kind of a nobody, he’s a TV star, and is the perfect “Superman” knockoff, he’s accompanied by 6 others in what’s known as the Magnificent Seven, or “The Seven”. Each character being a similar Supe to our mainstream ones, The Deep speaks to marine life and has gills, Queen Maeve has the Wonder Woman feel, A-train is their version of The Flash.

The first episode sets you up for a plot twist you will not see coming, and it all begins with A-Train literally running through the main character’s girlfriend, obliterating her! Hughie, played by Jack Quaid, (yes Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan’s son), is left standing there with only his girlfriends hands and wrists in his grip…all while he is dealing with this loss you see an up and coming new member of the Seven, she’s young, humble, sweet and everything young girls love, only she’s too pure to realize these are a bunch of assholes parading around like heroes. They are anything but! Karl Urban plays “Butcher”, who was part of a crack team assembled by the CIA to try and expose Supes for what they really are. Butcher finds Hughie and enlists him into this team…things get weird, to say the least. At one point, early on, you see a superhero orgy, complete with a shrinking man diving head first into a woman’s crotch, gruesome deaths, lots of naked men and women, mostly men. There is a lot of dick in this show. Two huge thumbs right up the ass!

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