Review: Yummy Mummies

Dawn’s Review of Yummy Mummies on Netflix:

I’m not even sure how I found this reality show on Netflix but I did and dear lord I couldn’t look away!! There are 2 seasons, I’ve watched Season 1, started Season 2  and if you are looking for garbage and an escape you’ll find it with Season 1!!

Shows based in Australia, which I love their accents so that drew me in…there are 3 mums who are close friends and have an Instagram page together that is all things Mom, fashion and fitness. There is also another Mom that isn’t a part of the yummy mummies group, and tries to be in competition with them..her name is Maria and this girl and her mum are everything!! Everything terrible and fantastic!!

What a train wreck of people that are SOOOOO focused on what they have, what they own and how they look….its disgustingly entertaining lol lol!! If you just want to not think and be amused check out Season 1 for sure..sadly in Season 2 Maria and her family declined because they didn’t like how they were portrayed lol! I for sure give Season 1 a big ole thumbs up!!!

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