Review: Star Trek – Picard

Brandon’s Review: 

As far as spin-offs and reboots go, rarely are they done right.  Most of the time Hollywood will force these attempts to profit off of nostalgia, and these shows are often forced and lack the same substance that the original programming had.  Some things are better left alone.  That is not the case with Star Trek: Picard!  Right out of the gate, Sir Patrick Stewart brings his role as Captain Jean-Luc Picard back to life, and I am hooked.

Star Trek: Picard takes place 18 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, the final film starring the crew of The Next Generation, and several years after Jean-Luc Picard has retired to his family vineyard.  The retirement, we find out, was not one he wanted.  Spurred by his superiors’ handling of a cataclysmic disaster on Mars, involving synthetics and the Romulans.  Picard obviously misses being apart of Star Fleet and what it stood for, and begins to resent his retirement.

We are also introduced to a young woman named Dahj who is pursued by assassins for reasons unknown.  It becomes clear that there’s something special about her, and Jean-Luc Picard is the only man who can help her.

Picard is a mystery on two fronts.  One is set in the recent past, peeling back the layers of what went wrong on mars, and the other  in the present revolving aroudn Dahj’s identity and possible connection to Commander Data (who makes appearances in the debut episode in flashbacks and dream sequences).

While we have only been able to watch one episode, I’m thrilled at where it is going!  This is what Star Trek fans have been waiting for!  I give Star Trek: Picard huge thumbs up.  Number One, Engage!

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