Review: Sincerely Louis C.K.

Rob’s review of Sincerely Louis C.K. (available for download on his website) =  sideways thumb

First, the disclaimer; yes, I am a terrible human being for even watching, let alone purchasing and then writing about anything involving Louis C.K. other than his much deserved death. I get it, he should never be forgiven nor should he ever work or make money ever again for his role in the #metoo movement and it doesn’t matter that he’s admitted what he did and apologized multiple times, he should die. Message received long ago.

With that said, Louis has been honing his act for months in small club appearances; some of the audio has snuck out and has been beyond promising; in fact, it was hilarious. Sets heard from around the country indicate that the events of the past couple of years have freed him even more to joke about, quite literally, anything and everything. He was never shy about his content, but he seemed to have found an even broader range.

While it was nice to have anything to watch during this time of almost no escape or entertainment, the truth is that this special, filmed in his hometown of Washington D.C. (and pre-Corona) felt forced at times. There were plenty of laugh-out-loud moments and hysterical lines, but it was also obvious at times that he was trying to be shocking just for the shock value. Additionally, he was far from polished in his delivery and pacing.

Louis C.K. suffers from his own past success. If you were ever a fan, you always expected to leave or end a show of his with a sore face and stomach from pure laughter. While this new special delivers between some and many of those moments, it is far from classic Louis. As a fan, it’s a nice first step, but I could have waited longer for a better product.

In closing, let me state that as a vile, wretched person who in any way endorses or allows Louis C.K. to breathe, let alone purse his livelihood, I thank you for ready my disgusting thoughts on his newest special and, even, his unwanted existence.

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