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Is he the Savior, a con man or a radical terrorist? Is he Christian, Jewish or Muslim? These are some of the things you will be wondering throughout the 10 episodes of Season 1, as of this writing there hasn’t been an announcement of when or if there will be a Season 2.

I know I went back and forth with, okay he’s the Savior, nope nope nope he’s a con man/magician, wait a minute he’s actually a radical terrorist. One thing I know for sure is they got it right on how non believers/secular society would respond to the Second Coming. Disbelief, skepticism and mockery, all understandable when you have zero faith and don’t believe in the word of God. And that makes sense seeing that  in this day and age  we are farther and farther away from the Bible and a personal relationship with God and more into beliefs like the Universe, some kind of higher power etc…

Now to be fair, there are far too many of us Christians that will believe anything and could totally be conned by someone claiming to be the Second Coming and this show also displayed that in a believable way too! Hence the Baptist preacher who knows what the Bible teaches about when Jesus will walk the Earth again but decides to basically disregard that and follow this Messiah anyway. So plenty of good and bad shown with believers and non believers!!

Lots of folks went into this Series thinking it would be a Christian story since it was produced by Mark Burnett and his wife Roma Downey but don’t be fooled by that, there won’t be a clear picture of who the Messiah really is if you don’t close your mind off. The acting can get kinda bad, it can get slow in some parts and you will be screaming for something major to happen that will convince you who the Messiah is but that won’t happen, not even the walking on water scene, not even the stuff you find out about this guy. Once you think you know for sure who the Messiah is, if you think all of what was revealed thru you can still see it thru various lenses that can leave you still questioning who he is.

All in all I give this a sideways thumb because it kept me intrigued but also had some slow dumb parts!

The Circle

This amazing piece of garbage will reel you in if you like Big Brother or Catfish. Ugh and that means it reeled me in!!!!! It was a love hate. Loved how terrible it is and hated that I couldn’t look away! There are 8 people trying to be the last one standing and walking away with the $100,000 prize!!

These 8 folks all live in this apartment building and there only communication with each other is online. They can set up profiles and eventually share more photos of themselves but no meeting in person. The objective is to be the most liked so you are the last one standing. Some of the people play the game as themselves others decide to be a catfish. So basically you are watching each person as they are alone in their apartment forming relationships with people they won’t meet in person, I know this happens everyday in the real world but now you can watch it happen!

They all participate in group chats and private chats, alliances and bromances are formed and a ton of flirting. By being the most liked/believable you can become an influencer which means you get to decide who gets kicked out of the game. My niece walked in the family room when I was watching this and she laughed and said oh my gosh this is an actual representation of online dating with the dialogue and all!

There are 4 episodes available now and then episodes 5, 6, 7 and 8 will be available on January 8th and then the last 4 episodes 9-12 will be available on January 15th…I give this a thumbs up because of this being entertaining garbage like all reality shows need to be and for the love/hate can’t look away factor!!

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