Review: Kevin Hart – Irresponsible Tour (Netflix)

Rob’s Review: 

Kevin Hart’s newest stand-up special, filmed in London, hits the ground running with pure relatable raunch as he describes his kids walking in on he and his wife having sex. From there, he tells relatable stories about wanting to kill his kids, pretending to not see his dog crapping on his floor so that his wife has to clean it up, and acknowledging his infidelity. Very little of what he says or does is serious, and much of it is over-the-top vintage Kevin Hart theatrics with hysterical settings.

The only “low point,” in the show is a 5-10 minute sketch in which he acts like he’s Dawn…imaging every possible way someone might break into his house and how having 9 guns in each room will save him as long as he reacts properly…the bit goes on too long, but it doesn’t ruin the show. Not even close.

I presume the show is even more relatable if you have kids, but my wife and I loved it as is and found much of his material fresh and undeniably real. For a wee-little-man (something he mocks consistently) he delivers a big show, with an ending that truly wraps everything together in one big porn-watching relatable story.

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