Review: Jim Jefferies “Intolerant” on Netflix

Rob’s Review: Jim Jefferies “Intolerant” on Netflix

Filmed last year in Boston, the newest Jim Jefferies stand-up special, “Intolerant,” creeps us one step closer to having nothing pre-Covid left to watch. Amazingly, though, some of the material in this months-old routine is more meaningful now than it was when he recorded the special.

Gone almost entirely from this hour are any sort of political topics or commentaries; instead, Jefferies has shifted to cultural observations, all while telling a 60-minute story about his attempt to not soil himself while on a date. The title of his special is both a nod to our raging “Cancel Culture,” but is also the foundation for how he handles being Lactose Intolerant; a brilliant metaphor and analogy once the special comes to fruition.

Some highlights include his outrage at Millennials in general (with some brilliant context), his loathing of “fat acceptance,” in a time when every single other un-healthy behavior is shamed, bemoaned, and demeaned, and his frustration with the inability of seemingly everyone to be able to take a joke. But his accidentally brilliant moments come when he hits out at “blackface,” and germaphobes. To watch his take on both in the age of BLM protests and Covid-19 hysteria is refreshing, hysterical and telling. And will probably get him boycotted, ironically.

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