Good Eats – The Return

Brandon’s Review: 

Alton Brown is back and better than before.  I have very fond memories of watching Good Eats as a child with my mother.  No other cooking show compares.  Combining science, witty commentary, brilliant writing and creative camera work to make for a cooking show that puts Julia Child to shame.  Alton Brown seems to be one of the busiest guys in the food show business, from hosting Iron Chef America and Cutthroat Kitchen to touring the country putting on live science/food demonstrations for sold out crowds across America.  Brown even made up a Good Eats Reloaded series to warm us up for the new season by going through old episodes to correct or improve upon the recipes and techniques.  In the culinary world, there are multiple people who claim to be the authority on how to cook just about anything, but when it comes to Alton Brown and his Good Eats, he is legend.    In the first episode of Good Eats – The Return, he tackles Chicken Parmesan.  While it may seem like a basic dish, Alton breaks down the best way to prepare this dish, while also serving up history on Italian food and where it really originated… in America!  I know, surprised me too!  You’ll just have to watch the episode to find out for yourself.  Be prepared to consume lots of tasty knowledge as Alton Brown is a master chef of food trivia and cooking techniques.  Bring a pad and a pen or be prepared to replay some things because he moves fast.  If you’re just starting out with cooking or if you’re a seasoned chef, you will enjoy this heaping serving of tasty knowledge.  Thumbs up!

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