Review: Dumplin’

Dawn’s Review: 

Dolly Parton, Jennifer Aniston and Positive Body Image..3 of my favorite things!!!! So yeah when I saw the trailer for Dumplin on Netflix they had me at those 3 things and to watching it I went!!!! After the first scene of this movie I was looking to download the Soundtrack..which yes I did!! Helllooo its Dolly Parton singing some of her classics duet form with Miranda Lambert and Alison Krauss to name a few, its a great soundtrack!

Okay so the movie is set in a small town in Texas, and focuses on a plus size teen who is the daughter of a former beauty queen, played by Jennifer Aniston, who calls her daughter Dumplin. Dumplin was mainly raised by her Aunt who was also a bigger woman who tried to instill in Dumplin to not pay attention to the judgments of others and to love herself and know that she is a beautiful person on the inside and out.

Dumplin decides to enter the beauty pageant her Mom puts on every year and at first it was basically done in protest to make a point because girls of her size don’t enter that pageant. But slowly the experience turns into to so much more. Oh my gosh this movie is so stinking cute. And the message is freaking fantastic. Its not just about body image, but loss, love, acceptance, loyalty, friendship and the sometimes complex relationship between Mother and Daughter. If you like a chick flick with a great message that is also fun and entertaining check it out, you may just love it!

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