Review: Dogs (Netflix)

Rob’s Review:

The problem with Netflix is there’s so much stuff that comes out so quickly, things get lost, like this gem from late 2018.

Take the “Dogs,” challenge (I don’t know if this is a thing, I’m making it up): Try to get through all 6 episodes without having a serious allergy attack. The only way you survive this challenge is by hating dogs or having no soul. Each episode ranges from 35-55 minutes and tells a unique story about a dog. Episode one, about a girl with epilepsy named Corrine finding her service dog, Rory, is actually the slowest, but it’s worth the commitment. While it focuses often more on the crotch goblin than Rory, the work the trainers do and what Rory winds up being is inspiring. By the end episode 2, about an owner’s never-ending and dangerous quest to get his dog Zeus out of war torn Syria, the likeliness that you’re still winning the challenge is small. An aging Labrador named “Ice,” is the star of episode 3, and an amazing story about a free-range rescue shelter in Costa Rica reminds us that not all humans are wastes later in the series.

Watch “Dogs,” with your someone. Preferably on a sofa sitting next to each other as my wife and I did and play that fun game of “I’m not wiping tears off my face!”


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