Review: Coming 2 America

Dawn’s Review of Coming 2 America

Back in the day I enjoyed the movie Coming to America, so I was looking forward to seeing the sequel, even tho it has been getting all kinds of bad reviews I didn’t care and went in with an open mind wanting to be entertained.


Wowzers this movie was pretty blah, not super bad but not so good that I want it in my collection of movies.  Were there some parts that were entertaining? Yes! I loved the music and the dancing and all the different styles of clothes. I also enjoyed the premise of wanting and finding true love and promoting women empowerment. But man there were also some pretty corny and boring parts, I actually fell asleep and had to rewind where I left off lol!!


Basically Eddie Murphy finds out he has a bastard son in America which is a good thing because he and his wife only have daughters and women can’t be rulers and he needs an heir that can be a ruler so its pretty much about him finding his son bringing him back to Zamunda and getting him ready to rule while in the end realizing true love and making changes to an antiquated system is what its all about..


I mean if there isn’t anything else to watch and you want to put something on that it doesn’t matter if you zone out or have on in the background while you do stuff around the house etc..this is the one to watch!! I give it a sideways thumb!


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