Review: After Life Season 2 (Netflix)

Rob’s Review: 

For starters, unlike some shows, If you haven’t seen season 1, season 2 makes zero sense.

Tony, played by Ricky Gervais, continues to struggle with the loss of his wife , Lisa, who is seen throughout the series in videos made while she was still alive. While Tony utters heart wrenching lines like “people think I miss doing the things I did with her, but what I miss is doing nothing with her,” he attempts a more zen approach to life; which expected results.

Along the way, Pat the Postman returns as does Roxy the sex worker, Tony’s dad, and his nurse Emma (who is the only person Tony has even considered as a companion after Lisa), and the crew of the local newspaper including the incredibly weird Brian who is now no longer pining to be in the paper but delivers it. There are endless uproarious laughs along with all of the expected moments of intense sadness and grief. Gervais again shows one his least appreciated skills; he is an amazing actor and he takes us on quite the ride in season 2. And, yet again, he pays homage to unbelievable ability of dogs to quite literally gives humans purpose. Throughout the series, Tony continues to struggle with why he even gets out of bed some days and so many times his canine companion is the answer.

It’s 6 thirty minute episodes and worth the three-hour binge.

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