Oceans 8

Review by Dawn:

I was excited to see this movie for two reasons I like a lot of the cast, like Sandra Bullock, Mindy Kaling, Anne Hathaway, Sarah Paulson and the big surprise James Corden, who we will get back to in a sec…and I liked the Original Oceans movies…

Sandra Bullock’s character is from a long line of criminals including her brother Danny Ocean (George Clooney’s character in the Oceans movies) she herself is also a criminal, movie starts with her getting out of jail and starting to plot the jewelry heist she’s been planning for the past 5 years while in prison.

That’s the gist of the movie, then it’s basically just like all the other Oceans movies but with women….silly, drags a little, but entertaining enough to keep you watching.

What I really enjoyed about this movie was James Corden’s part, I just love him!! He played his part so well, am I saying a man saved this movie, no! I’m saying I’m glad he was in this movie his part added a lot of entertainment!!

All in all I’d prefer to watch this movie at home laying on the couch! It’s good enough for home viewing but not sure it’s good enough for getting ready, heading out to the movies and all that! So I give it a side thumb or a so so!!

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