Joe Rogan: Strange Times – A Netflix Comedy Special

Joe Rogan is back with a new stand-up comedy special on Netflix.  I’m a huge fan of all things Rogan, so I was very excited about his latest special.  It is a tough time to be a comedian in the industry with the current societal climate we lie in.  Joe Rogan is one of the few good comics left, in my opinion.  He understands this reality and addresses it head on while continuing to be hilarious in the process.

“This is a new time for jokes, because everything I say on this Netflix special is going to get me in trouble,” he acknowledges.  “But I say shit I don’t mean, because it’s funny.”

Rogan comes out swinging with jokes about Trump and Hillary Clinton, equally bashing the stupidity of everyone running into their corners and refusing to see things any other way.  In fact, Rogan jokes in reference to our current President and relates our country to dating a whore, “all we want to do is run red lights and FUCK!”  On the other hand,  he says “yes, we should have a woman for President” but we shouldn’t want a woman like Hillary who “lies and faints too much.”  I like that he doesn’t pick any side and preach.  Joe Rogan will also be the first to point out that he is an idiot and doesn’t know much of anything, often referring to himself as the “Fear Factor guy”, pointing at the clown itself in an attempt to disarm the haters.  Haters including vegans.  It seems that we at RAD Radio are not the only ones taking digs at those love-able vegans, and he doesn’t hold back.  He tells a great story about a vegan cat that went viral online and how stupid of an idea that is.

Joe Rogan’s opinions are not polarizing, they’re just funny.  If you take this comedy special seriously, you need to reconsider your idea of comedy.  Rogan is someone I look up to as he is constantly working, 5 podcasts a week, UFC commentating and a stand-up career that allows him to tour the country.  At 51 years old, he’s at the top of his game and I hope to have an ounce of his energy at that age.  You will enjoy this special if you do not have a stick shoved up your ass.

“‘Your point of view is terrible’ – Yea that’s how I make a living” – Joe Rogan, Strange Times

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