Halloween (2018) Movie Review

What a hunk of garbage. Who are these people saying this is a good movie? My God, it’s so bad that my wife and I walked out after an hour because if we hadn’t, we would have fallen asleep.

There is absolutely nothing scary, nothing gory, nothing interesting, nothing compelling, and nothing anything about this hunk of crap. Jamie Lee Curtis is a walking joke; it’s almost sad to watch her try to act in this film, because it’s comically bad.

There is no plot, there is no suspense, there is no gore (how and why this film is rated “R” is beyond me) and there is no anything. We’re supposed to care that Michael Myers has escaped after 40 years and is coming to get people…and then we are subjected to murders that show no murder and involve no suspense or horror whatsoever. Meanwhile, Curtis is battling with her daughter and grand daughter in a series of scenes that should be immediately sent to the “this is how we don’t do acting” school. There is absolutely nothing compelling or interesting about this film at all.

In the first 20 minutes, my wife, who has never seen any of the “Halloween” movies was covering her eyes and looking to the listener to our right for comfort. After that scene sucked and 10 minutes later she leaned over to me and rightly said “babe…this movie is really stupid and not scary at all.” That says it all


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