Drinking With The Maggots – Jolly-O-Fat Kid – Recipe

From Maggot Jeffrey

(This festive dessert drink goes down easier than a fat kid eating a whole triple chocolate fudge cake.)

1 part Tahoe blue vodka
1 part Kahlua
2 parts RumChata

Served as a chilled shot or on the rocks. Add a splash of French vanilla coffee creamer for a sweeter version.


Our resident bartender, Kyle, provides his twists on the drink as follows:

Add Chocolate drizzle around the glass

I noticed that if you add more vodka and have less RumChata it tastes a little better.
My favorite twist was adding a shot of Frangelico to it. This really brightens up the flavor and adds more potency to the drink.

Make it fancy:

In A martini glass add chocolate syrup and make fun designs with it.
Then rim the outside with the chocolate syrup and graham cracker crumbles.
Add in 1 part Tahoe Blue
Add in 1 Part Kahlua
Add in 2 Parts RumChata
Add in 1 Part Frangelico

Shake it!

Then pour into the martini glass and then toast a marshmallow and skewer it.
With a toothpick and top it off with the marshmallow.

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