Until Youre A Mom Or Not

Until You’re A Mom… Or Not

For women who have dreamed of becoming a Mom and for those that are still hoping it can happen, there is that panic moment or moments I should say that creep in telling you it won’t happen at all, and for some they already know this to be true. And now you are left with the acceptance of it all. The feeling inadequate as a woman part of it all. The feeling that you will never measure up to women who have kids, because they have this special something that we don’t have, they have someone calling them Mom.

The pain is so great It’s stupid how much it can hurt. We look at our lives and how blessed we are in SO many areas and for awhile that works at taking the pain away…but then it always finds a way to creep in and remind you that you aren’t a Mom something you always thought you would be at this point in your life. As I’m speaking about myself, I know this resonates with so many other non Moms out there. We are all apart of this club we never wanted to be in!

If you don’t know this about me I LOVE Dolly Parton, but who doesn’t!! She is such a caring, giving person so charitable. She never had children, which just blows my mind because she would have been THE best Mom! She always thought she would have children but it didn’t happen, I can relate to that. She has come to terms with and loves that she is THE best Aunt and her nieces and nephews love her so dearly, she has said that “ I think it probably was his (God’s) plan for me not to have kids, so everybody’s kids could me mine.” Oh my gosh that just gets me every time and makes me cry!

When I need a good pick me up when it comes to the Mom stuff, I think of Dolly Parton and her amazing attitude and outlook about it, thanks Dolly for your inspiration and for soothing the soul of someone you don’t even know.

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