Your Life Is Happening Now!

Last week Rob read an article that asked if you knew you could know when exactly you were dying would you want to know…from there that led to the conversation of how you would then live knowing you are dying. I’ve always been fascinated by that. I get if we are told by our doctor that we have 1 year, 6 months basically very little time left we then of course would really step up our plans for doing things we want to do before we die. Other than that, we should already be living. Meaning it shouldn’t take us knowing we are gonna die to finally live. Our life is happening RIGHT NOW. Right now in the everyday. Our life is here.

Your life’s story, journey begin long ago depending on your beliefs, in your moms womb or when you were brought into the world. Life doesn’t wait for you either it keeps moving. So many cliches with life, but they are cliches for a reason, they are true. Time doesn’t stop, the world doesn’t stop, life keeps it moving regardless of whether you live it or not.

Something grandiose doesn’t need to happen to live life. Living life is also truly being present in the day to day. I don’t think we think enough about it and I don’t think it really sinks in with people… that when you hit that pillow at night, the day is done.  You don’t get it back. Did you live in that day. Doesn’t matter if its was what you would call just another day of living out your normal routine. Did you live? Or are you just floating thru life waiting for something great to happen? Are you so numb to life, that its only when something great happens or is planned that you live? Are you one of those waiting for your life to begin?  you know you say my life will begin when dot dot dot happens……yeah we will get to that in a minute!!!

Living life just isn’t the big moments. Its the little moments, a lot of little moments that add up to your day, your week, your month, your year…..YOUR life. We are SO numb to all the life around us, yes it may be another day of work but you are breathing. Therefore you are living which means you have the choice to not let the day pass without you fully participating in it.

Our life has SO many different seasons. Its incredible actually. Each and every season you are in will pass. Thats is guaranteed. Look at parents for example…they have a newborn, that season will pass then they become toddlers, that season will pass they become tweens, that season will pass…teens, another season passed. Each one seeming like its never gonna end so we became to comfortable or take for granted that each phase of our life we are in will stay that way or we can’t wait for it to pass. Either way you must live each season good or bad or you will miss all the joys and all the lessons.

For those of you and I believe its most of us at one point or another have done that thing we shouldn’t be doing…my life will begin when this or that happens….

Life doesn’t start when you finally get married
Life doesn’t start when you finally have kids
Life doesn’t start when you lose weight
Life doesn’t start when you graduate College
Life doesn’t start when you get that promotion
Life doesn’t start you aren’t paycheck to paycheck
Life doesn’t start when you move somewhere else
Life doesn’t start when you buy a house

The list goes on and on….Your life has already started its here right now, right this moment. Live it. Live the mundane. Live the ups and downs. Live the good and bad surprises. Get on the damn roller coaster of life and live it while you are alive!

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