You Got This

Years ago US Navy Admiral William McRaven, 9th Commander of U.S. Special Operations Command delivered a Commencement speech the University of Texas at Austin. This speech will stand the test of time, whatever is happening in your life, community, world…everything he says is applicable in not only surviving life’s trials but thriving.

Whatever phase you are in right now with all this Covid stuff, I hope this speech helps to motivate you and put your mind in action mode. So much of what is happening is sad, not fair, devastating…just not right. Sure we can sit and sulk in that and theres room for some of that but the area we all still have complete control over are our minds.

We can take our mind to a dark debilitating place or a place that regardless of our current situation we can have a strong mind, a mind to keep us moving forward that knows we can get thru this. You Can Get Thru This. The strength is in you, the fight is in you don’t forget that.

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