When God Says No

There is what we want and there is what God knows is best for us. Free Will gives us choice, we can do what we want or we can do what God wants us to do.


I would say the MAJORITY of time what we want is very different from what God has planned for us. And the majority of the time we will choose to do what we want. Thats the Human in us, stubborn, full of fear and not trusting where God is leading us. So we choose the easier route, the route with less fear, the route we want, the route we just have to have.


If you have done this enough times you already know the drill….God was right, knew what was best for you and the route we should have taken was His. The beauty is when we don’t listen, God makes sure there are many lessons learned and growth with our belief grows.


I visualize us as toddlers throwing fits because God isn’t giving us what we are praying for what we feel in the depths of our souls is what we should have…and God like the good parent doesn’t give in to that tantrum because He knows what is the best route for our life.


I have prayed Gods Will for my life daily. More times than not I haven’t gotten what I thought I should have for my life, but I have gotten exactly what I needed and have received many joys in this life God has had planned for me and it has been better than what I thought I wanted or needed.


And more times than not when I have finally received what I have prayed for my life, it wasn’t in my time frame lol! Never is, its always in God’s timing!!


Moral of the story is a No from God, is a good thing might not feel like it at the time, you might not understand it at the time and sometimes you may never get to know why the answer was No. Thats where your Fatih comes in, because it was for the best for someone, something things we cant see sometimes, trust that, absolutely trust that!

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