Tom Brady

One of the great things about not being a true Sports fan is I can truly admire and appreciate the greatness of Tom Brady without being soiled in all the silly sports reasons that make this guy so polarizing for y’all.


Because really from where I sit he is by far one of the greatest if not the greatest when it comes to being a Winner. I just sit back in awe of this person who has accomplished far more than what anyone thought he would. And really all you need to know of this person to be convinced of their greatness is to look no farther than this last season of the NFL. He goes to a new team, Tampa Bay…Brings along another known winner Gronkowski. Then he takes this team his first year there to the Super Bowl and wins. Oh and he is 43!


The fact he won against Mahomes which you sports folks think is a big deal, I dont get that at all.. that kid has won 1 Super Bowl. Lots of quarterbacks are 1 and done in their winning of Superbowls. This kid has A LOT to prove still and is not even on the same planet as Tom Brady. But I’ll digress cause you Sports people seem to think you know what you are talking about…yadda yadda…


Sitting on the sidelines I am in awe of this human named Tom Brady, he is one of those humans who is a once in a lifetime thing that we will experience, but the good news is folks like this share lots of knowledge so while 100 percent of us will not be Tom Brady we can learn, apply and be motivated by that knowledge to the areas of our lives that matter to us!



“The magic you’re looking for is in the will of trying and not giving up! The love of your dream is in your heart.”Tom Brady.


Enjoy this video!!


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