This Is A You And Me Issue

This Is A You & Me Issue

Taya Kyle, known as the widow of US Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, is also an American Author, political commentator, and a military veteran’s family activist. She wrote her thoughts on the tragic shootings we’ve had. I thought it was a great read, you may disagree or agree with some or all of her thoughts on this, nonetheless, there are many ways folks are choosing to look at whats happening, and this is her way.

I also believe its a you and me issue, Societies issue not anything you can govern or put a law to. It still baffles me, that just 20, 30 years ago kids in high school were coming to school with shot guns, rifles..the guns they hunted with were right there in their vehicles. Not once when they had a bad day, week or year did they go to their vehicle and shoot the school up. Not once did they go to their vehicle where their guns were and shoot up the school when someone made them mad, sad, bulled them, had depression, bad grades, rough childhood etc… they had a value and respect for other human life. What has changed in such a short amount of time? The shootings that have happened are sad and heartbreaking, no child should go to school with this fear of it happening at their school, no parent should have this worry throughout the school day…this we all can agree on.

From Taya Kyle, This is a You and Me Issue…

Could you kill innocent people because you were angry or hurt? Really think about that. I have heard people say they thought if they had a gun in their car, they might kill someone out of road rage. My question is this – they had a lethal weapon – a driver can use a car to kill and maim. More people are killed in car accidents than almost anything else outside of illness in our country. But, they didn’t do it. Why?

You could kill someone. Why don’t you? Why don’t we do that when we are angry? When you are angry with people or a group of people why don’t you make a pipe bomb or an explosive out of a pressure cooker then plot, plan and kill people?

Maybe when you find the answer to that we will find more of what we need in this world. Figure out what stops you.

This is a human issue. This is a moral issue. This is a values issue. This is an attention grabbing, cry for help, vengeance, out of control, no regard for submitting to the fallen world we live in, entitlement, expectations issue.

When did people grow up thinking they were so entitled to being free from pain that when they do feel it they feel someone else or a group of people should pay for it with their life? When did people become so numb to right and wrong? When did people stop caring for others more than themselves? When did people start believing their pain was so much more than someone else’s that their pain became more important than another human life?

Find the answer to that and you will find the answers to stopping one human from killing others in an unprotected and almost entirely unarmed zone where there is no expectation of being harmed themselves.

No person and no law fixes a problem of this magnitude. Murder is against the law and it’s not stopping people who kill others so the world will see them. It’s not stopping people who want their pain to be someone else’s problem. It’s not stopping people who think their pain will be lessened by hurting others. This is not a one man, one woman or one law problem.

Bureaucracy cannot fix the human spirit. This is not someone else’s problem to fix. This is a societal, cultural epidemic that takes each person being their brother’s keeper. This is every single person being aware, present and in the moments of children’s lives. This is not farming out the responsibility to government, police or schools.

This is you and me changing our ways and raising our children differently. This is you and me showing young people the world is hard at times, sometimes for a long time IN EVERY HUMAN LIFE. No one gets through this world without struggle.

This is you and me teaching our kids struggle is real and EXPECTED in life. It is you and me being hands on in teaching kids to be courageous and capable of enduring in the face of adversity. This is you and me finding the right help for our kids and not turning a blind eye. This is you and me turning off video games and electronics and getting back to human contact.

This is every single person in this country looking to themselves, not the government to fix this epidemic disregard for responsibility and human life.

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