The American Dream

“They” say the American Dream is dead. I honestly don’t know if that is actually true or just said because the majority of people think the American Dream is all about being extremely wealthy. As far as I know being extremely wealthy wasn’t ever really what meant you were living the American Dream.


For some yes but most won’t reach that so it was about all kinds of things according  to the individual. Some it meant they finally own a home. Others it means they are able to work hard and play hard. For others it’s about being able to provide for their family enjoying family vacations but living within your means and being content with a simple life.


Others it’s about taking risks and giving everything they have to accomplish their dreams. Starting from nothing and making something of their life. Sacrificing holidays weekends any kind of “fun” or down time as they dedicate themselves to making their dreams come true.


This weekend while in Phoenix my hubby and I met a family who had me saying, this is the American Dream it’s still alive for people!! It’s all about what you are willing to give up to make it happen? What are you willing to risk to make it happen? The family we met owns  Caliente Mexican Grill where we had lunch one day and Wow the food is uhmazing!! Also amazing, actually mind blowing is they opened this restaurant July of 2020. Yep you read that right. It’s the middle of covid and restaurants are shutting down for good and they decided to open one!! Mind blown! The husband said if we can make it thru this we can make it!


Here is a little snipet of their story..God Bless America!!


Caliente Mexican Grill was opened on July 15th, 2020 by the Diaz family. Abel and Maria Diaz came to the U.S. from a small town in Jalisco, Mexico at a very young age. Through this, they have been able to develop their skills in the service industry for over 25+ years. Accompanied by their two children, Yaneth and Eric, they have worked together to evolve and bring Caliente to what it is today.

The Diaz family incorporates their authentic family recipes to Mexican Cuisine that brings people together with its delicious flavors, diverse ingredients, and colorful presentations. Quality is a priority, therefore everything is made in-house and from scratch. The family’s kindness and warm smiles ensures that each customer has a great experience. Caliente Mexican Grill celebrates the traditions and people that have made Mexican food fun.

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