Thank you card

Thank You Times A Zillion

There just aren’t enough thank you’s or words for ALL the amazing folks who have stepped up to help the animals and humans effected by the Camp Fire. With this awful tragedy we have seen an abundance of human kindness. We are inindated with so much bad news,negativity and division its hard to feel like there are still more good people than bad. That we are still united. And then something horrible happens and we get to see that yes we still unite and yes there are still SO many good people.

Over the weekend during the RAD event it was absolutely overwhelming to see ALL of the generosity. Folks giving their time, money, talents and resources to make sure those that have lost everything are taken care of. Buckets and buckets of cash/gift cards were filled to the brim. Trucks loaded up with donations of clothes, water and food for animals TON of stuff for those in need. The amount of you that took time out of your day when you could have done anything else with your time came out and helped and did such a freaking AMAZING job.

Can’t stop crying at all the human goodness. Every single one of you that have given what you can including your time are INCREDIBLE.

As you live your life day to day, and you hear one bad story after another, and you see Politicians who do nothing but fight and you see the crazy ass fringe on the Right and the Left who act so childish and mean PLEASE remember that ALL the good people are out living their lives doing what they can for others, doing shit that matters and actually contributing good to the world. We just never get to hear about them until tragedy hits and they are out in mass.

What you see is zero division and folks coming together with their generosity, love and kindness. God Bless You ALL.

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