Strong Not Skinny

Whether you like it or not The Kardashians have A LOT of influence over young girls minds, shit scratch that they have influence on anyone in society sadly!

Sadly for sure right now because for some reason they are feeling the need to bring back Skinny. They used to flaunt their curves and strength of their bodies, now Kim and Khole are just Thin…too thin.

This is concerning. Please fight back and continue to strive for Strong and NOT skinny. Hey if you are naturally skinny thats okay that isn’t what I am talking about here. I am talking about the endless amount of women who don’t have a natural skinny figure but will go to extreme unhealthy lengths to achieve it because well the The Kardashians are making it the “IN” thing. Eye roll.

This a powerful video that I wanted to share with y’all.

The girl in the video talks about all the compliments  she got the skinnier she got. This is why you will NEVER hear me comment on a woman losing weight. I REFUSE to say a woman looks so good now that she has lost weight, because I REFUSE to focus on the outside appearance of a woman.

Why??? Because since the beginning of time a woman’s appearance has been the focus of everyone and everyone having a say as to what we should look like. Its a bunch of bullshit and I wont have it.

Instead I’ll say you seem so much healthier, or you look so strong or athletic. If a woman calls the show and she’s lost a ton of weight I say congrats on being that motivated and being so strong. I will never say oh I bet you look good now. More eye rolls!

Remember women it’s Be Strong NOT Skinny!



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