Stop Whining Complaining Making Excuses

Stop Whining, Complaining & Making Excuses

Whinging, complaining and making excuses gets you absolutely no where. It keeps you exactly where you are which leads you to whine, complain and make more excuses as to why you aren’t the person you really want to be, why you haven’t achieved whatever goals you have for yourself, why you are stuck, why nothing works out for you blah blah blah. It’s a never ending cycle that YOU and only YOU can change, period.

You’ve heard it a million times and it’s true, ANYTHING worth having takes hard work and lots of it. You don’t just get to have a dream and sit around waiting for it to happen or expecting others to get it for you. You have to find a way, make a way, push hard and do the work.

We all have goals, yours might be to go to college, or to start a business or to have a certain career, or to get married or to have children or to lose weight, or to be more organized, or to get a handle on your finances, or to heal emotionally and mentally from a trauma you suffered…whatever your goal is it will take lots of hard work lots of time, commitment, tears, failure and frustration. But you keep pushing you keep doing the work. Those that succeed at accomplishing their goals didn’t  give up that’s the difference between them and those that just whine, complain and make excuses.

The words being spoken in this video are powerful, I hope you hear each and every one…Wonderful!

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