Shannon Kent

I follow @blackrifecoffee on Instagram, this post of theirs really sat with me. All do when it comes to the sacrifice Men and Women in our U.S. Armed Forces make for our freedoms. Maybe its because Shannon Kent was a fellow female, a stand out bad ass female, or that sweet innocent looking face or that her Green Beret husband and two young boys had lost their wife and mommy. Or just the sheer awe that she sacrificed SO much for us. As they all do and I wish we could remember them all and never forget exactly how much of their life they don’t get so we can have a life.

If we could just for even one minute a day remember not to take ourselves so freaking serious and to not let the dumbest things get us upset. There are warriors out there doing the hard, dangerous job of keeping us safe. Lets remember to love this life we have and live it for them when they no longer can.

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