Seek God First

As belivers THEE best thing we can do for ourselves, is seek God first. Before we do anything when we wake up, seek God first. Pray, read, meditate on his Word. It doesn’t have to be for a certain amount of time or done in a certain way. We sometimes think we have to have a certain amount of time before we can spend time with God, or that it needs to be formal or have a plan.. no and no to all that. It just needs to be. Just start, start to pray, start to talk with God, maybe pick up the Bible or another piece of spiritual literature that brings you the word of God. There is NOTHING more important than seeking God first. In everything we do, seek God first.
We know this to be true because when we do it our minds and hearts are in a better place for all that is ahead of us for the day. We are much better equipped to approach any situation and our overall mindset is in a better place, even when the reality is not so good we are grounded in the truth of God so we know there can be peace, hope, strength and  contentment when there is tragedy or hard times.
Good morning…now go and seek God first!!

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