Notebook Challenge (2)

Rob’s Soapbox

Wow! Oh my gosh Rob’s Soapbox this week is spot on!!! I used to fucking love The Notebook movie. Fast forward to present day and I hadn’t watched it in a really long time but if you were to ask me a month ago I would have said ‘man I love that movie!’

This is so weird cause I watched it a few weeks ago,  I had finished a workout (yes I’m working out here and there lol!!) took a shower and just wanted to relax a bit and watch a movie. I was feeling like watching a chick flick and I said shit its been forever since I’ve watched The Notebook and I’m feeling a bit sappy so that’s a great love story to watch!!! So I curled up on the couch all cozy with a blanket some BBQ Popped Chips and a crystal light turned that romantic love story of a movie on and…………..

I didn’t even finish watching it. I sat there thinking….What the fuck was I thinking 15 years ago?????  Am I in a weird mood right now?  Maybe I just don’t feel like watching a chick flick after all? Then as I sat there trying to figure this out I said ‘nope wow what a piece of shit this movie actually is!!!!!’

Okay but how did I like it I asked myself? When this movie came out I had just gotten married to the love of my life Gary! Had gotten over wanting toxic relationships so what gives, why? On that day I just decided to not over think it and say well I guess that shit happens sometimes our tastes with movies change!!!

But it still bugged me a couple of days later because they had this stupid toxic relationship and I thought they were that couple that lost their way but is supposed to be together….NOT. and I’m like shit when that movie came out I was no longer attracted to toxic dumb relationships, I had already had my fair share and was done with it……so my overthinking began……lol!!!

Few days later I had my aha moment on this! It was 2 fold…..

1. I had just gotten married, I was all about everything LOVE. My eyes were drunk with love. Not that I don’t love my husband now lol!! My love grows for him all the time and I am still so in love with him! But back then we had just gotten married and life hadn’t settled in yet so that damn movie was able to really suck me in..all I saw was this couple that had this burning love but couldn’t be together because Noah wasn’t good enough for Allie’s world, but nope take their social status out of it and you still have this relationship that has nothing but passion. That’s it passion. Hey passion is amazing but it takes WAY more than passion for true love to survive!!!!

2. And I might have been done with allowing myself to have toxic relationships but I still hadn’t completely healed from the damage of a relationship like that, so I think that small toxic part of myself that was still alive saw in that movie something that used to be so familiar and what I thought love was….,

Thank God time passes and we can zap out any toxic shit that still lives in us!! So good news for me.. that part of me is for sure gone because The Notebook is not in any way how love is or should be. So thankful I got my Lon and didn’t end up with a Noah!!!!

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