Life Will Hit You

100 percent, absolutely, without a doubt life will hit you. There is no way around it no one can avoid it, its just apart of life and the sooner you embrace it the better you will be at handling the hits of life.  You want to become the person who keeps getting up with every one of life’s hits…learning, growing and becoming better than you were before. You want to become the person who realizes that the pain you are in now is only temporary and there are lessons to learn in that pain. You want to be the person who isn’t on the sidelines of life merely existing. Yes to experience ALL that is life, ALL that is living there is not only joy, happiness and good times there is also times life hits you its all part of the cycle of life and its ALL good even when it doesn’t feel like it. The beauty of getting older is you have lived this scenario enough times to know this is true!!!

Life will hit you but TRUST me not only can you survive the hit by not giving up on yourself and putting in the work, you will come out the other side stronger, wiser and more capable of enjoying this journey we call life…. that my friend is a fact!

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