Intuitive Eating

Ughhhh this is by FAR the HARDEST thing when it comes to health that I am learning to do. I’ve gone back to therapy because I realized I haven’t completely gotten rid of disordered eating and thoughts.

If you are like me, have a terrible relationship with food and a very strong eating disorder past or present and you know in the depths of your soul you can NO longer count another calorie, macro, point, take photos of your food day NONE of it. You know you are done with all of that but you don’t know what to do to get healthy when it comes to food and your body, maybe this will be the right thing for you to try as well.

Its SUPER freaking hard because it goes against EVERYTHING I have ever known when it comes to getting “healthy.” You have to completely turn your back on  everything society says about diets.

Is the diet industry good for people, I think it is, just not for me and just not for a lot of people like me.

I know deep in my Soul, learning to listen to my body when it comes to nutrition is what I need to do. Mentally and emotionally it’s scary, it’s all so new, it’s tough, it’s a battle, it’s WAY out of my comfort zone.

Intuitive eating doesn’t even necessarily mean weight loss, which can freak a person out if that is what you are looking for. Over time theatrically it will happen BUT thats over time. I am at peace with that.

For me I’m looking to get in touch with my body. It’s natural cues for nutrition and exercise. So far it’s going. I have really good days and days of complete struggle. Nothing that is worth it will be easy.

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