Inspiration Time

Inspiration Time!

wo of my fav’s as you know…Marc and Angel! Such inspiring people without the fluff that life will be easy!! Worth it but not easy!! Anywhoo I really enjoyed this blog of theirs about 12 notes to self you can see the whole blog here

These 12 notes are seriously uplifting and true! Print them out and post them places in your house, and keep a handy copy on your phone so you can refer to this when you run into struggles or are having a hard time with something. It’s super helpful to have stuff like this at your finger tips in moments of going down the negative path so you don’t spiral down to negative town!! Hope you enjoy!

  1. Note to Self: You need to choose yourself today. – You won’t always be a priority to others, and that’s why you need to be a priority to yourself.  Learn to respect yourself, take care of yourself, and become your own support system.  Your needs matter.  Start meeting them.  Make YOUR priorities a top priority.  Don’t wait on others to choose you.  Choose yourself, today!

  2. Note to Self: You need to start long before you feel ready. – If you wait until you feel 100% ready, you will be waiting the rest of your life.  Realize this!  Some people wait all day for 5pm, all week for Friday, all year for the holidays, all their lives for happiness.  Don’t be one of them.

  3. Note to Self: You need to let your actions speak loud and clear.– A big part of your life is a result of your choices.  If you don’t like some part of your life, it’s time to start making changes and new choices.  And it’s OK to be low-key about it.  You don’t need to put everything on social media.  Silently progress and let your actions today speak for themselves.

  4. Note to Self: You need to delete the distractions you often engage in. – If it entertains you now but will hurt or bore you someday, it’s just a distraction.  Don’t settle.  Don’t exchange what you want most for what you kind of want at the moment.  Study your habits and rituals.  Figure out where your time goes, and delete distractions.  It’s time to focus more on what matters.

  5. Note to Self: You need to embrace discomfort for the right reasons. – Everything gets a bit uncomfortable when it’s time to change.  That’s just a part of the growth process.  Things will get better.  Be patient and remind yourself: Life never gets easier, you just get stronger.

  6. Note to Self: You need to be willing to struggle for progress. – As you struggle, remember, it is far better to be exhausted from lots of effort and learning, than to be tired of doing absolutely nothing.  Effort is never wasted, even when it leads to disappointing results.  For it always makes you stronger, more educated, and more experienced.

  7. Note to Self: You need to deliver results, even when making excuses is easier. – NO shortcuts.  NO quick fixes.  NO blaming others.  NO “I’ll do it tomorrows.”  NO MORE EXCUSES!  Just get started.  Quit talking and begin doing!  Laziness may appear attractive, but work leads to progress and long-term fulfillment.

  8. Note to Self: You need to embrace where you are, even as you move forward. – Stop beating yourself up.  You are a work in progress — which means you get there a little at a time, not all at once.  Just embrace where you are!  The route you traveled to this point no longer matters, for nothing can be done to change it.  What matters is what you do from here, in this moment.

  9. Note to Self: You need to love exactly what you are doing, at all times. – There is no progress without love.  Being productive is a byproduct of loving what you do.  So… love what you do, until you can do what you love.  Love where you are, until you can be where you love.  Love the people you are with, until you can be with the people you love most. Keep applying this philosophy to all aspects of your life.

  10. Note to Self: You need to trust the journey. – Someday you will understand the reasons — that it had to happen, just the way it did… to give you the lessons you needed to grow.  It’s never ideal, and it’s rarely easy, but what doesn’t break you today only makes you stronger in the end.  Take a deep breath right now, and keep going.

  11. Note to Self: You need to focus only on what you can control at the present moment. – The challenge is ultimately to take life day by day and be grateful for the little things.  Don’t get caught up in what you can’t control.  Accept it and make the best of it.  When you stop worrying about what you can’t control, you have more time and energy to change the things you can control.  And that changes everything in the long run.

  12. Note to Self: You need to keep your expectations of others in check along the way. – Don’t lower your standards, but do remember that removing your expectations of others is the best way to avoid being disappointed by them.  You will end up sadly disappointed if you expect people will always do for you as you do for them.  Not everyone has the same heart as you.  The key is in not being emotionally co-dependent on other people’s behaviors.  Don’t let your expectations of others hold you back from being the best you can be.

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