Happiness Is Amazing

I finally binge watched all of After Life on Netflix, cried thru most of it, holy shit its great!
The main character, Tony, lost his wife to Breast Cancer and while visiting his wife’s grave he meets a old woman who is at their visiting her husbands grave. These were some of my favorite scenes, the interaction between Tony and this old woman. During one of their conversations the old woman goes on to say that basically one of the keys to happiness is concentrating on your corner of the world, doing good in that corner making a difference in making your corner of the world a better place. I loved that so much because we get so caught up in our own shit and or we see that our corner of the world maybe needs this or that and we think well somebody will do something……that somebody can be you doing whatever part you are able to do while also having you step outside of yourself and being consumed with self.
This little old women also went on to say…..”Happiness is amazing its so amazing it doesn’t matter if its yours or not. Good people do things for other people thats it the end. And your good Tony you have so much to give.”
Holy Shit!!!! Yes, yes yes!! This is what its all about. So simple but so profound. When good people are doing good things for other people, we all end up being served. And when you just set out to do good with no agenda, no expectation of how it should turn out, with no wanting of accolades, thats where the joy, the happiness can be found.
And that one little line…”happiness is amazing, so amazing it doesn’t matter if its yours or not, come on holy cuss word thats everything. When you can feel happiness when you see others happy you will feel happiness as well. Your jealousy, your comparing, your pissy attitude is hard to find and to feel when you can genuinely feel happiness for others when you see them happy, experiencing something happy, joyful and good.
People are always searching for happiness and its all the around them, but they don’t see it or feel it because they are too consumed with self. Loving yourself and investing in yourself is a good thing but not when you are so consumed with self that you forget to use and share your good on other people.
You should work on making yourself happy and not relying on others to do it for you while also finding happiness in others happiness and doing good for others along the way. This will help you experience more joy and happiness in your life…
These quotes really speak to this..
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