Girl Power!!!!! Making Herstory in Professional Sports!!

I LOVE going to Baseball and Hockey games (back when we could do that kind of stuff) and I enjoy watching the kiddos in our life play sports while at the same time I don’t get being totally into Sports lol!!

I’m not one to sit down and choose to watch Sports on TV, if there is some big game on that my hubby is watching sure I’ll check it out but to know the schedule of games, stats, records and all that kind of jazz ummmm yeah no, not my thing!

HOWEVER….it is just absolutely incredible the doors opening for Women in Mens Professional sports like the NFL, NBA, Major League Baseball..mind blowing! And amazing!

Gender has nothing to do with ones ability to couch, ref or be an umpire and this is something I wasn’t sure I would see in my lifetime, this was just unheard of when I was growing up, girls being involved in any way with Mens professional sports other than a Cheerleader, beer girl, hot poster girl ya know the typical female stereotype bull crap that went on!

I realize by the time you see this Super Bowl 55 will have come and gone..but the HERstory that was made will still stand!! Go Girls!!!!

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