Don’t Be A Valerie

I love Valerie Bertinelli! I have since I was a kid and she was on the TV show One Day At A Time. She’s more famously known for marrying Eddie Van Halen and having her own cooking show on the Food Network, Valerie’s Home Cooking…anywhooo she has always been one of those girls girls who is super sweet. So it’s no surprise that she received a ton of sympathy for one of her recent posts on Instagram.


Valerie was pretty upset about a comment she read on her Instagram that someone made about her saying she needs to lose weight. I do agree thats a bit rude when folks make comments about stuff like that cause really who cares and there is no need to say stuff like that. However some people are rude and don’t care if what they say is mean. So the only way to deal with folks like that is to ignore them, to not give them power over you or your feelings.


Trust me I felt bad for Valerie too as I watched her Insta post, seeing how upset she was over the comment I had compassion for her. Mostly tho I felt bad and not for the same reasons as everyone else. I felt bad for Valerie that at 61 years old comments like that still make her upset.


Girls we have got to get our s*&t together and start learning not to care when people comment on our looks. Valerie isn’t fat, no where near fat and the fact that she still struggles with body issues is why I feel sorry for her. And even if Valerie Bertinelli was fat… WHO CARES. She should only care if her health is at risk, she shouldn’t care if someone says something about the size of her body. None of us should care, we all should reach that point that we DON’T CARE WHAT SOMEONE THINKS OF THE SIZE OF OUR BODY.


If we want to be strong powerful Women we must not give our power away so quickly over something so petty so minor as the size of our body. Valerie l love ya girl but you need to learn to not care. You need to make peace with your body, you deserve to have that kind of freedom, it feels absolutely AMAZING to not give 2 sh*&s what people say or think about your body size. Life is too short, life is too beautiful, life is crazy enough without adding unnecessary sadness to it!


There are numerous traits we have that make up who we are…our body size isn’t one of them!!

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